1/8 W: DuSt Gaming [DuSt] vs Team FURIOUS [IFS]

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About situation here:
Dust team use players who don't have permission for play-off (point 3.5 of rules) for their line-up. After i try to make best way for this match and let teams re-enter line ups twice or more, but i dont must do that if one team dont now rules, but play already second season, also Play-off roster was posted already at week 10 - http://nwc3l.com/news/s13_w10 were able to prepare for the playoffs! But instead that Dust ask twice for Krav (can play or not for IFS) and don't look on their play-off roster - pretty strange.
Futher team IFS and me try to help Dust in this situation, although Dust can see IFS line-up, which also not fair! Btw IFS don't change something in their lu - just a fact. After some discussion and waste of time, Dust change their line up, how they want and get some postpones which can't get with rules for play-off - point 4.13 of rules - "Play-off: 1 prepone or postpone for team per match, but for grand final matches all prepones and postpones are prohibited. To complete the postponed series, teams are given 5 days or it will be freezed in current score." So after all the concessions and concessions for Dust, they don't want to any go forward for IFS way, with just one swap...
I will not give all details of strange discussions when managers of two playing teams for some reason interact through me, instead of directly with each other. Alas, but all attempts to normalize the situation deviating from the rules led only to even more brazen behavior of some people. Eventually perviously line-ups stays, Dust have 1 wild card for change 1on1 or 2on2 players and time to friday for play some games or current result will be freezed.
Not discuss!
[HEmo] reyenir
[HEmo] reyenir
Actually the line-up taken on a screenshot is STRONGER. =D
[IFS] Speck
Now this looks like big joke. We dont agree with this 3x replace than(rofl). Set first lineup you get and go use 1 wildcard than (you have). Im tired about that. We tried be friendly with you (this is second cw and second try). We have clearly defined the conditions in which any replacements are possible (This is the end). Now I see you wanna own us without lubrication. And now we will play according to the rules of this league or don't play this anymore. I upload screen with your lineup taked at 17:00 CEST. So now go use 1 WC. I'm not going to talk anymore. Not our problems.
[DuSt] Bidoux
4 other matches agreed to pp, managers will discuss a time


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