1/16 W: CoilNova Alliance [CNA] vs RAGE Esports [RAGa]

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[CNA] LoveLost
BrokenHanDs in 2x2 was replaced to Sirius w/o wildcard. RAGa agreed.
[CNA] LoveLost
same guys, GGs and GL in the next game!
[RAGa] CieN
GGS, and thx for manner cw. GL next clanwars.
[CNA] LoveLost
Pain played orc
[CNA] LoveLost
line-up here because of bug:
3v3: Immortal (OC), Flamy4 (HU), Illisori (NE)
CH: Flamy4 (NE)
PI: Immortal (OC)
DB: Sirius (OC)
2v2: Immortal (OC), Flamy4 (NE)
[RAGa] CieN
3on3 Edo, Pain , Kodo (HU)
2on2 Edo/Kodo (HU)
PI Pain
DB STLER (Believe)
[RAGa] CieN
yo guys, meet clan rage EU
[CNA] LoveLost
hi, yeah sure!
[RAGa] CieN
hey yo, so letz play on default time?



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