1/8 W: uMaD Gaming [uMaD] vs RAGE Esports [RAGa]

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4.3. Replays. Not uploaded replays after 48 hours from end of the match - nullified result.
[RAGa] Edo
why 5-0 and not the correct result ?
[RAGa] CieN
funny cash didnt show up friday, and u blame me.... but ggs , gl next
[uMaD] ForTreSs
We will play last 1on1 today 18cet, due to missing Pain atm.

Furthermore we asked RaGe (Cien) to shedule 2on2 ! RaGe has to be active due to postpone whole cw at past.

We are waiting... ! :/
I just give freewin for IFS at semifinal so?
[RAGa] CieN
sunday 3on3 was deffwin for umad, cuz rage player didnt show up, and Please 2-0 Bizzare,
edo/sonik tomorrow and pain - cash friday
[RAGa] CieN
5.1. is fine for us
Np, just confirm both here time for 05.01.20
[uMaD] ForTreSs
Hey. We wonder why the game has been sheduled to 12th JAN now!?

It was set on 5th till this morning. We are ready to play 5th JAN !!!!!
[RAGa] CieN
Hey guys, can we start abit later? around 18:30?


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