Week 1: Rocketbeans TV Community Team [RBTV] vs Reign of Kings [RoK]

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[RoK] Strats
wild card hunter out for HAsu
[RBTV] Nase
We'll use the wildcard and replace Changer in the 2on2 with the legendary Kevin
[RoK] Strats
Hatuey= strats because of peon ban i cant seed him
[RoK] Strats
[RBTV] Nase
we'll play LR, CH and the 2n2 today and the rest tomorrow 8pm cest



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Strats match 31.05 - 17:12 CEST
Strats match 31.05 - 17:05 CEST
Rukio match 31.05 - 16:56 CEST
Rukio match 31.05 - 16:54 CEST
Strats match 31.05 - 16:18 CEST