Week 3: Washed Up [wU] vs uMaD Gaming [uMaD]

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[uMaD] MartialSpirit
I am admired by your manners, organization and team synergy, guys. Thanks for the clan war and gl next!
[wU] Shear
GGs! Smooth clanwar!

MartialSpirit subbed in for Soulking, Washed Up allows this without the use of wildcard.
[uMaD] DopeY
Yoyo, I wrote you on discord let's schedule the clan war there
[wU] Shear
Hi friends, can you play at 20:00 CEST? We are mostly PDT timezone (CEST -9) and 17:00 CEST is very early for us. Much appreciated if we can come to a compromise. Thank you.


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wU] [9:6] uMaD 14.09.2019


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