Week 3: Zero Effort [zE] vs Reign of Kings [RoK]

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[zE] SweeT
Why'd we get a defwin? We can just reschedule it? I didn't know you could claim defwins when the other party doesnt agree on a time. I never agreed on 10 and I didn't see his msg after cos I logged off discord. All I said was I would be on and msg him, which I did at 11
[zE] trickSy
What a joke. Whatever. Won't forget.
[RoK] Strats
... we have been difficult to schedule, we were available at default time till 22 cest that same day, it isnt our problem that u guys are 10 hr difference, and couldnt play at the time we're supposed to
[zE] Ceron
OK lets just get the 2v2 games organized. When can you guys play?
#10 Interesting, what i can confirm? I must arrange your 2v2 games?
Also i like it "you've been deceitful", you guys too not cofirm exact time, just said "around then" ... in order to always can say that we not confirm this time for sure. If that time was not good for you or your players not sure about it, just cancel in future for no confuse.
[zE] trickSy
Sorry, the 2v2 was not hard scheduled and you can see in the screenshot you have edited the comment and SweeT never agreed to "hard 10pm", and had already quit discord. Also, your players were online not only discord but on battle.net and I messaged them both and they both chose to ignore me instead of co-operating and playing hte games when all 4 were online. You've been insanely difficult to schedule with and the communication has been woeful. We should be allowed to reschedule the 2v2 and actually play the games, you've been deceitful and have made virtually no attempts to actively play the games. You cannot demand "hard 10pm" and then say we weren't there when we did not agree in writing. We were on an hour later. Admin can you confirm something here?
[zE] Jatz
hi, as mentioned on discord checking with my players about the 2v2
[RoK] Strats
our players for 2s were supposed to play at 10 pm est yesterday, and They stayed for 1 hour, no show for the 2v2 of ze..
[zE] Jatz
will find a solution to get this match sorted - ive sent you a message on discord strats
[RoK] Strats
still trying to figure out what time is good for you guys
Waiting, times for any series in CEST from both teams so, if here big problems with time zones.
[RoK] Strats
10 cet is 4 am est...
[zE] Ceron
26th 10 CET would actually work really well for us. It would be 20 NZT.
[zE] Ceron
20 CET would work better
[RoK] Strats
default time good?



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