Week 4: Hot Emo 1337 [HEmo] vs Rocketbeans TV Community Team [RBTV]

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[HEmo] ena1337
did not expect anything else,

thank you.
[RBTV] Nase
Jokern did not show up for us ->defwin for Hemo
[HEmo] ena1337
Game hosted since 18.30

gn jokernena1
[HEmo] ena1337
@8 yes
[RBTV] Nase
we found date and time: the last match will be played on sunday 18:30 CEST
[HEmo] ena1337
Why should I be ready to play on EI (3rd bo3 of the cw in fact because NI and TR have been played before) if I am not seeded on that map? The map I was seeded on was CH, it was the 4th bo3 of the CW and I was ready to play it once the EI bo3 was over and I even hosted the game lobby, but your player did not join it because he seemed to be AFK.

Sure I'm waiting for your proposals for a proper postpone time.
[RBTV] Nase
Well the fact is, that you were not ready to play the second bo3 of the clan war. I'll contact you as soon as jokern is online.
[HEmo] ena1337
In case you want to play today, you have to stay in contact with me in discord. 13 CEST today cannot be guaranteed anymore because I did not hear anything from your side yet and I'm making other plans now.
[HEmo] ena1337
Well if you lead a conversation with admin (selec7) only giving your own point of view, it is no surprise you get the answers you want to hear. We allowed to play 2v2 first because you asked for it because buu needed to leave early.

According to rules the normal sequence would had been

ei bo3
Ch bo3
Nis bo3
AZ bo3
2v2 bo3

Usually we stick to that. We allowed a change of the normal sequence in the following order (because you have asked for it):

Nis bo3 (prepone before the cw)
2v2 bo3
Ei bo3
Ch bo3 (we were ready, you insisted on postpone though. So this bo3 has not been played yet)
AZ bo3.

So no, we were not forced to play CH bo3 after 2v2, according to the sequence from the rules it would had been EI bo3 and THEN CH bo3.

However, we need to find a solution, I agree on that.

I offer the following times for the postpone as the times offered for Wednesday and Thursday by JokeRn cannot be confirmed by me:

1) today 20.00 PM CEST (whisper me on discord in case that works for you.)
2) tomorrow (Sunday) 13.00 PM CEST (whisper me on discord in case that works for you.)

[RBTV] Nase
Our propose to play the last match between ena and jokern at wednesday or thursday 16:00 CEST was surprisingly denied by ena. We'll try to find another date and time. It would also help the case if ena could post a for him suitable time table.

Btw we played the 2on2 first and according to selec7 CH should have been the second match played in this clanwar, but you were the one who was not willing to play your match.
[HEmo] ena1337
We wanted to play CH (ena1337 vs JokeRn) after EI was finished (as the usual clanwar sequence according to rules defines), but JokerN was AFK. The game was even hosted and we waited in the lobby.

We are waiting for your proposal about how to handle the situation now.
[RBTV] Nase