Week 3: Gamer Tales [GT] vs TDR-Gaming [TDR]

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Its not bug, its false replay from Cien, but who cares they already get PP for it.
[BG] rbr.GodFather
I wanted to watch Lex's game.I download and its 2v2 in it? Some bug or ?
[DkH] CieN
hey i add the most replays now, fix something on PPs pls :)
[FRA] SaTan
Shaped 2-1 krav
Can you please enter the score, so we can upload the replay ? because its write as PP so we cant enter the score nore the replays, thx nick !
[FRA] SaTan
LeX 2-0 Zeiko ( TR DB )
Drakensang 0-2 SaturN ( RTS LR )
Worker 2-0 Anima ( SV TS )
DrakenSang/Worker 2-0 SaturN/Yom ( LTP TM )

KraV vs Shaped PP'd by DkH

Gg nice cw as always with CieN, gl hf for the next :)
Thanks to the streamer aswell !
[BG] rbr.GodFather
i am going to do the livestream today:

when do games start and which channel (w3a/bnet) do you use?
[DkH] CieN
Alleyway we can play at like 21cet, or we must PPing it if u cant play so late.


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GT [3:8] TDR 15.11.2015 - 18:00
GT [6:6] TDR 10.10.2015 - 18:00

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