Week 4: PERU TEAM LEAGUE [PERU] vs Gamer Tales [GT]

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[FRA] SaTan
Walter reseeded by ramrom on a mutual agreement.
Yom reseeded by anima on a mutual agreement.

SaturN/Anima 2-0 Ramrom/Nerzhul
[FRA] SaTan
Tonight 21;00 fra/peru agreed for the 2x2.
[FRA] SaTan
I dont have access as I told you many times, to Iharena bot, you know it Nick.
Also, the problem is , nesh host'd with the Iharena bot and players had lags, so we already tried with iharena and it didnt worked fine.
If only the maps was aswell on AKK4 Or if the maps was classics (like tm tr ai sv ei mv etc.. ) so I could've host with AKK4 anyway.

anima 2-0 jatelyn
[BG] rbr.GodFather
I definitely agree to Satan's post. Every clanwar vs PERU ends up in the same way. Wasted time, no games and mass defwins. It's rly annoying to face them.
Idk, why you dont use iharena_use1 hostbot, you have same acces and maps there ...
[FRA] SaTan
So :
KraV vs Ramrom :
The bo 3 start'd at 22:30 the game lenght 10 mins and krav won it. then krav asked for 5-10 mins before the second game, ramrom accepted.
Then krav cameback ( at 22:50-22:55 ) but ramrom was afk.
We wait'd around 15 mins but ramrom was still here, but afk.
Then I said on the chan that we was going for some CGS and I asked him to /w back when he would back.
I then wisped him constantly during the cgs, but still no answer.
At 00:00 ~ I tried a 100nd time to whisp , but this time he was offline .
So we decided to play it today, with the rest of the cw at 17;00 , but again, ramrom didnt came.
We finally took defwin on the second game, with the 3 hours wasted yersterday + add to that the 1;30 hours of wait of today , I think we owe this defwin, sadly.

Now concerning zeiko vs walter :
NeSH host'd with the NWC3L bot, but both players had lags ( i couldnt host with akk4 since RuinedRainbow aint on the AKK4 bot ) .
They decided to play, and zeiko won the first game.
Zeiko gave his veto after the game, but walter didnt answered. He didnt said a word, he was just afk. He cameback 20mins later and said that he has a call, and he then said " take defwin zeiko I cant play on this host and left ".
Its totally bad reasonning from him since I would've host the next game with akk4 which would've been better than the NWC3L bot , but walter went offline before I could tell him that I had a different bot than nesh, which shouldnt make him lags.
However he didnt relogged so it's a defwin on the second game too.

To conclude : Every cws with peru is the same, we waste our time to wait them , last season and this season is the same, . Because they go afk without saying a word during a BO3, or they force US to wait for them, because they know that we dont like to take defwins, in a sort, they abuse of our kindness ( however if it's intented or not by Peru )Like nerzhul today, he said to saturn he would back one hour later, saturn answered he couldnt wait so much, but nerzhul still went afk even if saturn said no, which is in my sense , unreasonnable.
Saturn still accept'd to play and he won 2-1 .

I would like the Peru team and particularly Nerzhul to read this message, and to realise that the way they act every cws is always Anoying, and piss off I think a lot of teams admins. A cw is supposed to be a pleasure, but when we face Peru we just hope the cw wont lenght for 3 hours / bo3 .
Beside that, Nerzhul is a Good guy, he's cool etc, like the most of his players, which is why we give them so much credits before to take the defwin(s).

But nerzhul, it will come a day , you're team will be refused in leagues and if not, more and more team will just take defwins against you due to your lack of organisation.
Try to consider what I'm telling you here , think about it And I hope for a good cw the next time ...
[FRA] SaTan
Nerzhul did a mistake when he sent his line up :

Its krav vs ramrom on AI
And walter vs zeikooo on RR

Zeiko won the first game, walter then went afk and never cameback so we took defwin on the second map.
[FRA] SaTan
2vs2 PP by us , cw tomorrow at 17:00 but we play tonight KraV vs ramrom on AI
[RaG] Nerzhul
satan sunday 17 cet its ok for us and also we can play the rest of games vs fra B.


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