Week 7: Team Sunrise [tS] vs Gamer Tales [GT]

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[FRA] SaTan
tS gave the defwin to anima as lilian werent available friday/saturday , and today he has troubles of conexion so he couldnt log in neither .
[FRA] SaTan
Anima will be here tomorrow afternoon since he might play the cup.
[FRA] SaTan
saturn/anima 2-0 curse/drunken
Saturn 2-0 curse

For lilian/anima we want'd to play it today but lilian wasnt here, and tomorrow anima wont be here , anima will still be online for a bit of time this evening !
[FRA] SaTan
YoM reseeded by anima with curse/drunken approvement .
[FRA] SaTan
insu 2-0 joker
[FRA] SaTan
FRA pp'd GC
tS pp'd PG
insu is currently getting hacked by qman ( since three days now ) so he doesnt have a fiable conection ( 5 mins and he dc ) tS agreed to PP it , thanks to them !
Tho if insu cant get his conection back before the end of the season , and if we cant reseed/tS doesnt agree for it, tS will have the defwin on this serie.
lilian wasnt here, and anima came late so agreed PP here .


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