Week 1: France [FRA] vs Firestalker [Fs]

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[Fs] Jehu
did anyone of the observer save g2 of bensen vs guess?
[FRA] SaTan
BeNSeN 2-1 GueSs

GG gl for the next of the season !
[Fs] Jehu
we reseeded on GW: SaturN vs. KurCo
[FRA] SaTan
MV Postponed !
[FraB] CorNoX
That is ok for us. Let's just say we begin the CW at 16 for those who can. Then we'll wait players who come after. See you there @Clan Fs
[FRA] SaTan
I mean, if u can just be patient if we requiert a bit of time for our players still in gera cup that would be perfect ! ;)
[FRA] SaTan
Hello, that might works but I see two things which could make a problem :

1- the gera cup or w.e cup on sunday , some of us participate and some times goes far , so it can lenght untill 17 ~
2- We've a canadian player that has -6hours from european, so 16;00 is to early for him, is there a problem to play his bo3 in last then ?

We still can agree for 16;00 and plays what can be played at this time if u want ?
[FraB] CorNoX
I guess you guys also play WC3CL this sunday. Would it be ok for you to play at 16 CET instead of 17 CET so we have time to play all matches without having another CW at the same time?
[FraB] CorNoX
We agree to play the matches in an undetermined order and parrallel games if it is needed even if I think that's it's nicer for everyone to see each mate playing.
[FRA] SaTan
(Sry I clicked enter by mistake )

What do you think to do as the usual ?
We play as the usual without using of a dumb draft order as if we was in a military camp ?
Which mean :

1/No predeterminated Order as it's explained in the rule 4.10 , which mean we're free to do as we want concerning the order.

2/ We agree that we can force the simultanously bo3s ( since sometimes the players cant wait 2hours to finally plays ) Instead to ask for it , since it always been a comon sense to play in parrallel in the case of a lack of time from one or more players from a team or another).

Idk what happened to the admin when he wrote thoses rules, maybe he want more defwins to be took in CW :P .

Anyway what you think about it, do you agree on thoses so usual terms ?

[FRA] SaTan
Hello, As the rule 4.10 is :

What do you think about do


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