Week 4: France B [FraB] vs W3DK [W3DK]

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[W3DK] mrwhite-
Clan war is over, I agreed to let FRAB reseed Sephi with KLQUS.
[W3DK] mrwhite-
for the 2on2.
[W3DK] mrwhite-
Reseeding MyWa with zTsoso
[FraB] NeSH
Always a pleasure to organize clan war with understanding admins.
[FraB] NeSH
Sephi vs Mywa and 2vs2 postponed.
[W3DK] mrwhite-
Ok. Games will be played tomorrow at 17:00 as scheduled. The Ashenvale Dispute might be postponed, unless the non-scheduled game with Clan DkH isnt played. I hope also one of my players from the CW against Clan DkH can seed for the 2on2.
I told my players to meet in Clan Fra. Gl hf.

Just in advance, I will thank clan FraB for quick scheduling and open communication. A pleasure.
[W3DK] mrwhite-
Our clan war will be postponed to the next weekend, since clan FRA couldn't play earlier.



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