Week 3: SQUELCH and KO. [SQK] vs Team Sunrise [tS]

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meet clan sqk channel
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
hehe, alright
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
Can we start with PI and 2R? TR can be played around 18cet and RR aswell.
we'll play cw based on rules, one by one starting from 1st map
terrible that we couldnt watch WCA cuz of cw
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
Just would be nice, if you can say maps which would be played later, so I can tell my players they dont need to be there 17cet.
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
Hi, not possible for us. Default time is okay. I guess not all of your players are playing WCA. So we can start with non-wca-player matches.
Hey, any chance to play it tomorrow or on wednesday 10.08?
11-14 are WCA matches


Previous matches

SQK [10:5] tS 06.09.2015 - 18:00
RG [2:3] tS 12.10.2014 - 16:30

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