Week 8: Team ViKiNGS [ViKi] vs uMaD2 Gaming [MaD2]

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Well usually everything is going bad with ViKi team.

Tonight we had good discussion with OA. (especially sonofkali and OA).

GG'S Gl Hf for next meeting.

#28 Nerzhul for President !
[HEmo] ena1337
#27 dont talk bad about nerzhul, nerzhul #1
#25 ask Nerzhul, he dreams about kissing you =)
[zE] SweeT
@19 Why is shadai in your team then? and whocares if it's 'disrespectful' you're the only one saying that.
[HEmo] ena1337
Who kiss me?
Stop teasing girls!

CW over, was nice to play, now kiss and go on! :))
#22 Dopey for president !
[uMaD] DopeY
lol our goal was just to recruit 1 'active player' since we got 5 players and 2 managers inactive at the same period + I didn't have time during the week to find a new player.
In this situation, recruited a top player was basically the easiest choice if we still wanna play the new season without lineup/availability problems.
There was main reasons, we would never recruited a top player only because an other clan did it XDD jesus.
#19 you made my day xD Gl hf dudes
[HEmo] ena1337
@#19 uMad started this :P
[SQK] ag3nt
If you want to talk about what is disrespectful...

Using progamers like Sonik and Worker (and Lawliet, hello to FRA team) on non-professional league is disrespectful to NWC3L community.
This community is not top class progamers, because progamers don't get any benefit by spending time playing with low class players.

ViKi and uMaD actions ≈ taking toy from baby.
We had worker + sonik.

You tried/try to get them.

That's disrespectful.
[HEmo] ena1337
@#16: U got Sonik, we got OrcWorker. Guess that's balanced enough :P
Yeah, the only point we would appreciate and I think everyone would appreciate is ; respect other clan and stop try to get the players from other team. Respect that, and everything would be better :)
Hey guys!

I'm sorry that i couldn't be a part in organisations but i had shittons of exams last week. But angways thats for mannered and nice bo3 Ena, and thx both Kali, Ena for finishing whole cw quit smoothly.

May we see again!
Best regards,
[HEmo] ena1337
@#13: Thanks.

Well, once we get into weird situations, I might also be the worst manager from your Point Of View. But hey, if we just have clear communication, honesty + fairness, we will never reach these situations. And with SonOfKali, I had very good and mannered conversations. One of the most reliable team orgas I used to meet in my WC3 Team League journey! ;)
gg, better when you organise ena ;)
[MaD2] Manager
ggs wp
[HEmo] ena1337
Clanwar over, replays uploaded


thx for mannered cw + coordination @ clan uMad2
[HEmo] ena1337
@#9: About the 2on2 reseed: We allow this.

We play the 2on2 now, ~ 20.20 PM CET. (PP because uMad2 Management asked for it)
[MaD2] Manager
Phoenixuuuuuuup/brokenhands will play the 2vs2 to finish the clan war, ty viki who accepted
[HEmo] ena1337
2on2 Basalt Basin: Sunday 12/02/17 around ~5 PM CET
Meet @ Channel Clan ViKi

pls confirm like you did on Skype

Keep in consideration that we will also play against LaB at this time. I assume they won't show up at default time as we know them, so probably we will be able to play our 2on2 at 5 PM sharply on Sunday. If not, please give us some spare time to finish a 1on1 BO3, as we also allowed you to prepone/postpone basically every match.
[MaD2] Manager
[HEmo] ena1337
1on1 HunteR vs BrokenHanDs: Wednesday 08/02/17 6 PM CET
Meet @ Channel Clan ViKi

pls confirm like u did on Skype
[HEmo] ena1337
MV 1on1:

ena1337 1 - 2 elfikdick

Replay Game2: http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/NNopFIiN/file.html
[HEmo] ena1337
DT 1on1:
Anima 2 - 0 Zarg

Replays: http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/cHOjxDqg/file.html
[HEmo] ena1337
with FC i meant DT* lol
[HEmo] ena1337
Saturday 04/02/17:
18-21.30 pm CET : MV
19.30 pm CET : FC

Sunday 05/02/17:
Remaining maps. (we from ViKi and uMad2 try at least)
[HEmo] ena1337
Hello everyone,

let's have a good Clanwar! I am the main organizer from Clan ViKi for this clanwar. I already prepared some organization with SonOfKali (UMAD2 manager) about possible pre-pones and post-pones for this clanwar, especially within the 05/02/2017 Sunday CW day.

We both mutually agree on accepting on a few postpones (maybe Sunday 5pm / 8 pm / 5 pm / 5 pm / ~6pm), and we will announce the final approximate playing times after they are confirmed by both sides.


ViKi League Team Head Manager



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