Week 2: The Mighty oYo [oYo] vs uMaD2 Gaming [MaD2]

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[oYo] Leo-speo
lol just read comments or should I upload screen of comment section #22-#26
Where screenshots of Technical defeats?
Your manager job is to advise before taking a defwin for no reason. Your players have been much not available. You show realy bad fair and bad faith. But np, next time we won't hesitate to take defwin too. Gl for next.

[oYo] Leo-speo
you should read again, i said i leave it to the players and as i thought moy and edo wanted to play, but show and corrupt didnt (not a suprise) and for me that was fine since i hate running after people anyway. so i dont get this upsetment.
No, the clanwar was not closed. After my proposal you decided to play.
Then you afk mode. I should tech defwin instead of you now.
[oYo] Leo-speo
Hey I'm quite busy atm and for me this cw was closed already. If you want to play some 1on1s please make smth up with the players directly. Else gl further.
Allo ?
Guys, I should be back this evening on w3a. If you want to play 1xBO3 for fun instead of a techlose. Let me know.
[oYo] Leo-speo
2on2 was raping and zarg for umad
[oYo] Leo-speo
Tg most likely too.
[Fs] Edo
2on2 will work tomorrow 20 cet - i dont know about tg
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
Hi TG and 2v2 friday arround 20h cet?
[oYo] Leo-speo
Hey guys I don't mind, I would leave it to our players.. try to figure smth out maybe you could give us dates for 2on2 already because I'm sure edo and moy would prefer playing over def ;).

Dont worry there are no problemes.

Please, remove the 3 techlose.
We keep you informed for the next step.

1st way : Leo accept to play the games.
2nd way : He takes defwin.

It will depend on the discussion with him.
What's up guys?
Wow, big misunderstanding.

No one told to take all cw defwin.

Leo coordinate by skype with Wal3eyyy (sonofkali) plz.

I ll get skype + computer asap.
oh sorry , i couldnt talk to channel , i added u in my FL but it dont work.
We said u to take alldefwin
Hf next
... sorry for the disapointment, we come back to you asap with solution and proposition
[oYo] Leo-speo
no they went all off after the first bo3 without notice... we where waiting a little afterwards but noone came back..^^
Growlithe didnt play on TG? And what about 2v2
[oYo] Leo-speo
yeah just give us some new times then.. tg could be played tmr 1900
[oYo] Leo-speo
fearthegolem played on ck instead of raping so as it seems he will play on tg then.
From my part I cant manage, my pc ragequitted this world. Sry.
[Fs] Edo

are you coming back online ???
[oYo] Leo-speo
hey guys where are u all went off after first 1on1 ~ we will still be waiting clan mad
[oYo] Leo-speo
think we could finish whole cw later, with reseed for sure.
[Fs] Edo
crrpt will be there too to play vs bukabyaka
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
2v2 tommorow after CK match, we agree to switch players etc if need
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
We switched brokenhands/growlithe. to play already 1 match, both clan agreed
[oYo] Leo-speo
he will come in towards 8pm, maybe little earlier
[oYo] Leo-speo
showtime might come a little later. in worst case it might be best to change him with corrupt in 2on2 or smth
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
hi, CK monday 19h cet confirmed
[oYo] Leo-speo
ok so we have the 1on1 which cant be played on sunday. ck -> monday 1900 ?. maybe you can ask already who could play monday ev at that time and seed him on ck then ; ) else i will check if this is all or if there is a 2nd 1on1 pp, see you on sunday guys.
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
hmm I think we will have to pp, for the moment tommorow doesn't work
Shit french Wal3eyyy will come back to you with some information as my skype account is still analed fucked by 666
[oYo] Leo-speo
Will this work? Otherwise we have to pp something
[oYo] Leo-speo
maybe 1x 1on1 on friday evening would be goodaround 2000hrs
Yo any need of prepone ?



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