Week 1: Firestalker [Fs] vs P r o - G a m i n g J u n i o r [pGJr]

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[pGJr] pG.Mello
AMAZONIA : Night Elf . worlop
Treasure Island : Night Elf. pg.obs.nia4em(W3A: pG.Kol9ni4)
Terenas Stand LV : Human. pG.Ripley(W3A: Ripley)
Alley Way : Undead. pG.Move(W3A: Move)
AT. Gnoll Wood : Night Elf/Human . pg.obs.nia4em(W3A: pG.Kol9ni4)/pG.Ripley(W3A: Ripley).
[pGJr] pG.Mello
Go to channel "clan pg" 17:00 CEST
[pGJr] pG.Mello
Well, we agree, only for your sake, Yagami, since you are my good friend.
[Fs] YaGami
Let's play TI at 7 pm CET, the rest can be played at 5 pm. Thanks.
[pGJr] pG.Mello
Hmm, well, we are not against the delay, but since I do not always have the opportunity to read this site - it's better to write to me on the mail, which is listed in the profile. I think today or tomorrow you can play early, if you still want it.
[Fs] YaGami
(i.e. Sunday, September 3, 7 pm CET)
[Fs] YaGami
Hey, would it be possible for you to play TI at 19 h?



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