Week 3: uMaD Gaming [uMaD] vs LS Gaming 1 [LS1]

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Caspend barred for this week (read rules), but yea seems some problems with this site function we will fix it as soon as possible!
[WLV2] MartialSpirit
Changed Walter for CaspenD in the 2v2. Both parts agreed.
Bizzare vs. Walter - 01.10.2017 - 16:00 CEST - request from uMaD side.
[WLV2] MartialSpirit
Mackay was swapped with Aleatorio.

Sonik was replaced by curiocity,

Both agreed.
[WLV2] MartialSpirit

We play tomorrow: Fertile Creek ; Hushed Paradise ; Ruined Rainbow

Games PP: Ancient Springs and Guldans Legacy
[WLV2] MartialSpirit
Hi, we need to play Ruined Rainbow and Ancient Springs 17 CEST Sharp, please, the players have another tournament afterwards and they have to leve before 18:50 CEST.

We need to PP the 2v2, until next weekend, please.


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