Week 5: LS Gaming 2 [LS2] vs Wolves eSports II [WLV2]

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Okay so we play SH tomorrow and also we need to PP the 2v2 for tomorrow. So we play today three one vs one, is that good for you?
[MaD2] Manager
we will be able to play 3 solos and the 2v2, only map sh I don't know yet, maybe I will have news later today
Okay, confirmed. All clanwar can be played Saturday 17 CET. Can you confirm, plz?
We will prepone on Saturday Feb 10th 17 CET the following games:
- Echo Isles
- Twisted Meadows
- Slaughter Hills

I am still waiting for confirmation on preponing SV and the 2v2. Will keep you updated.



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