NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Guys From GoodGame

Guys From GoodGame [gfgg]
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ua Mey_ (W3A: GoGoPub)


ua orc NikoMalick (W3A: NikoMalick)

ua orc White (W3A: White_)

ua orc Mey_ (W3A: GoGoPub)

ua orc Stomatolog (W3A: Blobbombom)

hu human Agalord (W3A: Agalord)

by elf stereosoniclool (W3A: stereoSon4eg-)

am random Scoffer (W3A: Reffoc[s])

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Skutt match 21.02 - 22:16 CET
pG.Okkul match 21.02 - 21:59 CET
YaGami match 21.02 - 16:17 CET
ena1337 replay 21.02 - 12:15 CET
rbr.Shorty match 21.02 - 11:19 CET
S9 W4 Ls vs. Fs
S8 Final uMaD vs. pG
S7 Final SQK vs. SWE
S7 SemiFinals
S6 Final ViKi vs. uMaD