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Legends Die Hard

Legends Die Hard [LdH]
Year of Founding 2018
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GaYBirD (Battle.Net: GAyBirD)


fixiNor (Battle.Net: fixiNor)


orc GaYBirD (Battle.Net: GAyBirD)

undead Gothmog (Battle.Net: Gothmog)

undead fei (Battle.Net: fei)

elf fixiNor (Battle.Net: fixiNor)

random sexyeahorse (Battle.Net: sexyseahorse)

Last comments

ena1337 cup 14.08 - 11:27 CEST
Skutt news 14.08 - 11:19 CEST
ena1337 news 14.08 - 11:18 CEST
Nick cup 14.08 - 11:16 CEST
Nick news 14.08 - 11:14 CEST
S10 W1 SWE vs. Fs
S9 Final SWE vs. Fs
S9 SemiFinal SWE vs. LS
S9 W4 Ls vs. Fs
S8 Final uMaD vs. pG