NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S10 Final

 NWC3L Season 10 Final 

Sonik [2:1] Starshaped
Bizzare [2:0] LiiLD.C
Cash [2:0] ThorZaIN
Mackay [1:2] KnOfF
[0:0] ThorZaIN

Here we are with anniversary season final and two strongest professional teams like  SWE and  WLVS! Group stage was pretty short this time and we already in most interesting point. Current champions team  SWE
confirmed their status and will fight for second win at row. In other side dangerous  WLVS with already league win, but it was with  uMaD tag, with  WLVS only lost in Season 9 semifinal to incredible  Fs, who between was too close to second final at row, but alas not get one more point! Wanna said some words about players and remember that we forget post rosters of play-off this time (correct it in semifinals news) ;D Both teams come to this match in maximum strong lineups in exception only   EfFeCt who seems goes inactive etc, in others it must be good oppositng in every bo3! So wish teams good luck and give to us nice games in NWC3L Season 10 final!!!


[WLVS] Ls.Psike
GGs another nice cw vs sWE :D
[SWE] ThorZaIN
Ggs! wp wolves
[SWE] Endarspire
Looking forward to this match!
[HOT] ena1337
[WLVS] Ls.Psike
Gogogo Ls :D
[SQK] ag3nt
gogo effect&thorzain!

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