NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S11 Super Final!

Wow! Sweden team can make nice come back after lose into winner bracket final with good performance by
  LiiLD.C of course! And just one step for both teams to win! 

G1 G2 Sonik [2:0] LiiLD.C
G1 G2 G3 Cash [1:2] ThorZaIN
G1 G2 Maru [2:0] Skutt
G1 G3 Mackay [2:1] Starshaped
G1 G2 Cash
[0:2] Starshaped
 Welcome to thing which never happen before - exactly NWC3L Season 11 Super Final! 2,5 months of battles and finally we here in all decider match or may be more! Swedish come back is happen now, so top 1/2 will the same with Season 10, but in which consistence?

 NWC3L Season 11 Super Finalle 

G1 G2 G3 Mackay [1:2] ThorZaIN
G1 G2 Sonik [0:2] LiiLD.C
G1 G3 Maru [1:2] Starshaped
G1 G2 Cash [2:0] Skutt
G1 Sonik
[0:1] Starshaped

More intrigue and unpredictability: how all we know - now best wc3 players in the World follow in China for participate WGL Grand Finals and it's big strike for  Wolves who seems lost their key-players like
  Cash and   Sonik! Stay just with rest 3 players they must make massive efforts to defend the title! Team  Soviet's opposite was able to strengthen in face old legends   ThorZaIN and   LiiLD.C who can recover their skills after some inactive mode. So more interesting for us to look on this Super Match! Stay tuned at this sunday and not only! Good luck teams!


[FraB] PauH
can we have another cw between swe and wlvs just for the sake of it

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