NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League



#3 the cw would be gg and same for final, nice shit

[rbr] rbr.Shorty

Animka didn't show up for his match #surprised.

[oYo] Leo-speo

Ok we will figure smth out ..


Well in view of http://wiki.teamliquid.net/warcraft/Golden_Champio... think we can make exception for this players, but only in way if their qualifier will cross with NWC3L matches.

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Skutt news 26.07 - 07:27 CEST
Boka cup 26.07 - 05:03 CEST
Mackay cup 26.07 - 00:09 CEST
Edoboi cup 25.07 - 22:04 CEST
ag3nt cup 25.07 - 21:49 CEST
S7 Final SQK vs. SWE
S7 SemiFinals
S6 Final ViKi vs. uMaD
S6 SemiFinal SQK vs. ViKi
S6 W3 ViKi vs. Fs