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S7 Semifinals Aftertaste

Before look forward to final let's came back to 1\2 matches! Of course it was overshadowed some organization problems, namely technical loses in decisive series in both semifinals, yes you can say that rules in case of play-off admission so stronk and we can't beat it, but imho it's question of respect and organization of specific people too. Anyway we get some incredible and much interesting confrontations.

SQK vs. oYo - match start very unstandrat in all senses, at first teams decided to debute in 2on2 series, at second, game on Centaur Grove turned out very unexpected thanks to Squelch side, those necrowagons definitely took the oyo team by surprise! But oYo is not from a timid ten and exerted maximum effort for fight off refined tower rush on TR and achieved this! Third game on GS for SQK obviously did not come up and precious 2 points from 2on2 get Mighty team. Next to battle join ShaDai and Moy, in first game on TR all was almost close, but good surprising expo from undead left no chance for elf player, even though 6 DH! Game 2 on AZ was more stable and short, on small map undead was able to control situation and default timing push with wyrms make SQK lead! I don't know what can happen if all mighty players come toinght, but series between TGW who change line up race and Edoboi make a meaningful contribution in fate of this match. In fact all decided on first map on unwonted Alley Way, human take a risky paladin and respectively goes fast expo. Very hard creep jack on expo cleaning strongly affected for human deals in one moment seems that all clear and it's 1-0 for Edo, but 2 magical surrounds of DK and subsequent lost of undead main hero turned everything upside down. Seems that was this dealt a severe blow to the emotional state of undead and on AZ, after fast surround of DK score stay 7-2 for SQK. As results appeared sH0Wt1Me refuse to play against ag3nt for unknown reason. Well thanks to The Mighty oYo for good debute season and congratulate SQUELCH KOMMANDO with record 3rd final - When, if not now!!!

uMaD vs. SWE - second semifinal get classic sequence and starts from against NE vs. UD match up. First game on aforementioned AW was unstandart enough too, first Keeper of the Grove made Skutt worried and the subsequent Protector rush just make more pressure on that. But undead can managed to repel elf press successfully. Second game was not so tense and as result we can see strongly 2-0 for undead player. Further on arena came out two different generation of orcs ^^ In starting TR KnOfF nice demonstrate due to which moves you can easaly win in orc mirror in one/two steps. But looks like Bizzare fast understand that and start acting in unpredictable and spectacularly way! Discarding the standard templates Lithuanian orc master going fast t3 and docs very well, which also give some techonlogic and economic advantage, final accord with mass taurens decorate this enough. Obviously it was not the end of this opposite and decisive map goes AI, that didn't stop Bizzare to again no repeat any step in this series. Sudden Blademaster with spee scroll finally broken KnOfF's plans and fast tower rush with FL summed up the line under this battle. As it turned out last series of this match - XeLSinG versus Effect, but it was worth it both on the signboard and on presentation. Starting TS was good for human and he shows possible ideal fast am lvl 3 on TS ;) anyway it's not give too big advantage for him. All knows that XeLSinG loves enemy bases, but in this time it's play with him very bad joke, exchanged many peasants for half army he also get incredible ptp from swe MK and fatal bolt for SH, as result gg no re. In game number two on AI belurussian orc still managed to do trick with zeppelin and with book of gg destroy human into hes base, not looking on support from guqrd tower and gallant police! Also i can tell enough about unbelievable last game on LR, but better one time see that 100 times hear, so 3rd game of this Top confrontaion strongly recomended to watch! So finally our congratulations to team Soviet War Elites with a well-deserved final and thanks to uMaD Gaming with another strong and entertainment participate at Season 7!

Ps. Well overview of final battle coming soon, stay tuned!

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