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Hey guys what's up! The semi finals were intense last week!

The team  SWE defeated  LS1 with a clear victory. The Swedish squad displayed a well structured tactical deployment thta surprised the Latin Soldiers and caught them off guard.

Teams  Fs and  WLVS clashed in a battle of true warriors that measured each other's strength until the very last game. The 2v2 defined everything, with an outstanding turnaround that was pulled off by   YaGami and de orc Still, they were very close to fall against   Sonik and   Bizzare in a very tight and thrilling series.

Well, the time has come for the two surviving clans to show who will be the champion of the 9th season. 

 NWC3L Season 9 Final 

AD SV AZ Starshaped [1:2] YaGami
TR AI DowaQ [2:0] Edo
EI SV ThorZaIN [0:2] Still
TS EffectSwe [1:0] Jehu
[2:0] Still

Here is the latest result as a prelude of battle:

 SWE 8:7  Fs Division 1 21.01.2018 - 17:00 CET


Will the team  SWE prevail? Or will team  Fs be able to defeat the Swedish squad with great teamwork? Stay tuned this weekend, we will have the great pleasure and honor of being casted LIVE by BACK2WARCRAFT.

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[Fs] Fabi
Haha same, love SWE. Fs will rock it! =)
[SWE] Endarspire
So excited! I love FS but SWE will win!
Gogo SWE :D

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