NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Season 9 - New format

The new year has already started and first we want to send best wishes to all of you for 2018. 


  - Regular season, first playday, starts: 14/01/2018 17:00cet



Welcome everyone! The NWC3L Season 9 begins today! Due to the large amount of participants we have decided to change the structure of the league a bit so that we can accept as many teams as possible.

There will be 2 divisions and this time around, division 1 will include all teams that qualified for the playoffs in Season 8. Since Dx did not sign up in Season 9, head manager of the team  Nick decided to give the slot for  LS Gaming 1. All other teams will be placed into division 2.

There will be a promotion / demotion policy in place that will be mostly based on a team's performance each season. -Teams that did not participate in the prior season will be placed into division 2 automatically but in exchange we will do our best to accept as many teams as possible. There will be no qualifiers.

-The top 4 teams in division 1 go to the playoffs and compete in a single elimination grid (rank 1 vs rank 4, rank 2 vs rank 3).

-The top 2 teams in division 2 play each other in a division 2 championship match.

-The division 1 8th ranked team is demoted to division 2 automatically to be replaced by the division 2 champion.

-The division 1 7th ranked team has to play a relegation match vs the loser of the division 2 championship match. The winner plays in division 1 and the loser plays in division 2.

-Going forward, if slots open up in division 1 due to teams not participating then we will promote teams from division 2 base on their ranking in the prior season (this will start with season 10).

Last minute information:  Team ViKiNGS had troubles to make an active roster throughout the season. nWC3L staff decided to pick  Team Bulgaria 1 for the slot in division 1, to respect the same logic with other teams: team 1/division 1, team 2/division 2.


Division 1 Division 2
   Fs     WLV2 
   OwNu     BG2 
   pG     NC 
   ViKi     HOT 
   LS1     -


Stay tuned for news like mappool etc, see you soon...


[SWE] Endarspire
Love NWC3L!
[HOT] ena1337
#11 LOL
[WLV2] MartialSpirit
Whoa now this thing here got really hot! In the name of all the boys from LS1, we will offer you the best Warcraft to the league, mark my words.

Good luck to you all, this is going to be an awesome season.
#9 Please, send me 5x PINK leggins, size : XXL for my big ass and a small garter belt to feel sexy.
[SWE] Skutt
Good luck everyone, gonna be a great season!
[HOT] ena1337
[RaG] FpXy
#7 uMaD2 ?
#6 uMaD ?
[RaG] FpXy
latino soldiers= no latinos :( ,sellout
[WLV2] MartialSpirit
We are not latinos anymore fpx, we are an international clan ;)
[WLV2] MartialSpirit
Mackay, Rellik, Cash, Caspend and Drakensang to second division? Sad decision by admins.
[RaG] FpXy
psike stop bribe top players and get latinos
[WLVS] Ls.Psike
:OO fear? xD
[HOT] ena1337

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