Week 3: Digital Xtreme [Dx] vs Art of Warcraft [Aw]

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[LUL] Nerzhul
we play the solo game on sunday at 16 cest.
[LUL] Nerzhul
we try to play az this saturday.
[Dx] Nick
Wrong replay of second game - Corsair vs. Insup!
[LUL] Nerzhul
nick i up loaded bad some replyas.
Nick strong
[LUL] Nerzhul
Nick is az ready? Or we pp
[LUL] Nerzhul
we are in channel rbr.

[Dx] Nick
Hey! We postpone AZ game! Join channel aw!
[LUL] Nerzhul
yo insup and danger is in game 2s vs rbr team bulgaria.



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