Week 6: Art of Warcraft [Aw] vs HOT ELITE 2018 [HOT]

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[HOT] ena1337
We can still play it if Danger arrives :-) we dont need / want defwin, we just want to finish CW by playing all maps.
Defwin Masters! Only on NWC3L!
[HOT] ena1337
Ok, thats sad. If you have replacement player, let me know. We allow reseed without wildcard. Otherwise we take the defwin for now.
[RaG] Nerzhul
Danger is not here take the win.
[HOT] ena1337
You offered between 17-18 PM CEST for today for the postponed 1on1 between Danger and Blade, via Discord, and we accepted that, via Discord. So NOT 20 PM CEST!
[RaG] Nerzhul
20 cest.
[HOT] ena1337
1v1 LR: clan Aw requested postpone for that match (aw.danger vs hot.blade). please offer us times for that map, nerzhul.
[HOT] ena1337
2on2 AVA: danger did not show up due to sickness. myst had to go. normally, HOT could have taken defwin for that. but we allowed reseed. as edek did not have time to wait longer (he waited already over 2 hours), we replaced edek with ena1337. AW replaced myst and danger with NERZHUL and INHELL. the games are starting now: ena1337 + muffy vs NERZHUL and INHELL. gl hf.
[HOT] ena1337
1v1 TR: pride got replaced by nerzhul. we allowed this. dv won 2-1
[OwNu] Yosh
cleaned up the ton of duplicate comments :)
[RaG] Nerzhul
I play with inhell the 2vs2 and dangers game is pp cuz he is sick.
[RaG] Nerzhul
Go clan aw eu.
[HOT] ena1337
go default
[RaG] Nerzhul
Ok but we only play on weekends. If u want to pp a game it must be played next saturday or Sunday. We cant into weekends.
[HOT] ena1337
K. Then we dont request prepone for now. We remain our right to request postpone, potentially. For now, we try to make Sunday 17.00 PM CEST work. see you on sunday on channel CLAN HOT on NORTHREND.
[RaG] Nerzhul
any player cant.
[RaG] Nerzhul
hard to play into the weekdays. we ill play the default time.
[HOT] ena1337
1v1 SV: yes please lets do that flexibly. We can play that map any time today. Tomorrow also at speecific time frames. Just join NWC3L Discord so we can coordinate ourselves betteer:


1v1 EI: the same counts here btw.
[RaG] Nerzhul
we cant play on weekedays. but i will ask to my players if any of them want SV.
[HOT] ena1337
1v1 SV: Can this map be preponed into the weekdays before Friday (even today)? We are quite flexible on that map, just let us know what works best for you. You can approach me on Discord.



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