Week 2: Gamer Tales [GT] vs Run Bi7ch Run [rbr]

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[BG] rbr.Shorty
Are Saturn and Yom around?
[BG] rbr.Shorty
I am not sure what just happened :D
[FRA] SaTan
Forget it - zeiko wont be here.
[FRA] SaTan
Hey, Well , nick set 15;00 for it, but yom def wont be here tomorrow , can we reseed him so we can play at the defaulttime ?
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Any news?
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Any news?
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hi there,

Unfortunately, I am unavailable until the end of this week as I am overseas for work. However, we have the following availability for the week 22-28 Feb:

- Monday, Tuesday, Friday - any time before 5pm CET
- Wednesday - any time before 4pm CET
- Thursday - any time before 5pm CET, except for 12:30pm to 3:30pm CET
- Saturday - between 10am and 5pm CET
- Sunday - between 10am and 4pm CET

- Saturday - between 1pm and 5pm CET
- Sunday - between 11am and 4pm CET
[FRA] SaTan
Saturn can today untill 16:00cet ( time he go off ) same for the 2x2 .
if that's fine for u it might be good, I hope u see my message in time ^^ otherwise the 1x1 can be played sunday
[FRA] SaTan
Sup shorty , Saturn got his computer back, can you give me your availibility from today untill sunday evening ?
same for your 2x2 pls ( unless its the same availibility as the last week ? )
[BG] rbr.Shorty
I'm still online. No sign of Saturn and it is 3:30pm CET (10:30pm where I live). Unless he enters right now, I doubt we could finish the games before 16:30pm...
[BG] rbr.Shorty
I'm online now.
[FRA] SaTan
( fml cant edit )

So if u still can today just tell saturn by whipering him if u cant we'll report again but as I said i'm just suggesting based on the availibilities u gave me on the #26 post
[FRA] SaTan
So based on it, I assume u're available untill 17cet PM untill you go off !
[FRA] SaTan
Hello, yes I know it, but I'm just reading the availibility u gave me and u mentionned today concerning the 2x2 aswell ^^ this is why i'm asking you for this match !
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Well, as I mentioned today is Valentine's Day, so it's pretty much impossible to play the game today. I was on yesterday until about 3am my time (8pm CET) as you know :)
[FRA] SaTan
Shorty, saturn will probably be there tomorrow (not yom) so maybe you can try to whisp him ? in order to play that 1x1
he should be Under the account(s):
so maybe this match can be played before 17 pm ( he has to leave around 16:30 though then for valentine's day )
thank you !
[BG] rbr.Shorty
I am in channel clan rbr right now.
[FRA] SaTan
"So lets say 16CET Saturday for the 2x2 ."

I meant : " So lets say 16CET Saturday for the 2x2 ? "
[FRA] SaTan
Thanks for clear aivailibility.

So , my 2vs2 can play during the week even in the afternoon, but if your mate cant any days, so that wont match.
They can on saturday , but not on sunday.
So lets say 16CET Saturday for the 2x2 .
Concerning the 1x1 I'm waiting on saturn answer to tell you when we can play this match.
Thanks and cya around.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Here is our (updated) availability for next week (8-14 February):

1) Shorty:
- Wednesday before 4pm CET
- Thursday between 3:30pm and 5pm CET
- Friday before 5pm CET
- Saturday before 5pm CET
- Sunday before 5pm CET

2) 2vs2 (both players matching availability):
- Saturday before 5pm CET
- Sunday before 5pm CET
[FRA] SaTan
Well, So you just missed my players, they was also there ^^ did you tried to wisp "niktamere" ? because sunday I came online at 16:30 , and yom told me no sign of you guys, and him and saturn was here from 14/15 cet untill the end of our cw vs dkh, so well I just think each of you miss the others ^^

Okay , I Take note of your 2vs2 aivailability , when can we play moon / saturn match ? this week could be great, or the incoming week end . I would like to not have to much pps games standing, to avoid to leave it unplayed for the whole season as it happened in many cws the last season
[BG] rbr.Shorty
We were actually online - both me and rbr.moon (who was waiting for the 2vs2). I came to channel clan FRA a few times, and I even wrote there, asking for anyone to whisper me once your players are available to play. I was online from 9am CET until 5pm CET.

During the next week I will not have even one day of availability (including during the evenings and the weekend), and during the week after that (8-14 February) I will be available in the evening my time (early afternoon CET) on 9th (Tuesday), and 12th (Friday), as well as during the weekend (13-14 February).
[FRA] SaTan
Oh is is why U wasnt here, well lets play thoses matchs during the week days so , what are your availibility during the week ? maybe I can ask my players if they can play during the afternoon if that's better for you ( since you're +7 )
[BG] rbr.Shorty
I will be available earlier if you want to play the matches earlier, because our match vs Dx is at 15:00 CET.
[FRA] SaTan
Okay lets do this on sunday around 3:00/4:00PM if that's good for you?( unless if saturn still play gera cup )

Chan clan FRA ( I might not be there tho )
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Let's play them on Sunday, if possible before your CW. I think it would be the easiest for all.
[FRA] SaTan
Hello Shorty, We can play thoses matchs saturday afternoon/evening ?
Tho we've a 2vs2 vs Dx PP of the last week programmed for saturday between 7:00 - 8:00pm on saturday, so we can play the match against you either before 7:00pm either after 9:00pm (approximatively )

Otherwise we can play Sunday afternoon ( after saturn gera cup if he participate ) and before the nW3CL cw of the next sunday.

Otherwise I can suggest in the afternoon during the week, for example friday afternoon ( since you've +7 so around 2/3/4:00PM Cet ? )
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hi there,

Sorry, basikorema had an appointment later that day apparently, for which he didn't inform me in advance. In any case, as we have already postponed one game, this one (zeiko vs basikorema) should probably go as a def-win for you.

I said early on when we started the CW that I had been having very high ping during the last few days, so I might not have been able to play. I still tried though, but when entering the game with saturn I had 300+ ping, and my units were not moving, so I didn't have any choice but to postpone the game until I resolve the issue.

I talked with my ISP and they are trying to fix the routing, but I am not sure when that would be done. In any case, I cannot play at 21:00 CET any day, because I live in Malaysia, which is 7 hours ahead of Central Europe. As I mentioned to PauH and Saturn, it might be much easier to organize both the 2vs2 and my match vs Saturn for some of the next weekends as all of us are working.
[FRA] SaTan
Hello, from what it has been told to me :

Anima 2-0 moon
Insuperable 2-0 GodFather

Then , SaturN start'd his BO3 , and his opposent left directly and said " lets pp this ".
Well, Saturn can play this match from thursday around 21;00cet if his opposent agrees.
Last match : zeiko vs basikorema
Apperently, Zeiko was here but his opposent never show up, and my player didnt had any news neither PauH who tried to contact you guys on this match comment while waiting , but indeed noone never came and zeiko wait'd for nothing.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Sorry, I am investigating what happened currently.
[FraB] PauH
since 17pm just after insuperable match.................................
[FraB] PauH
we wait rbr.basikorema on our channel
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Moon 0:2 Anima
Shorty PP Saturn
2vs2 PP
Waiting for the other games as the FRA players are not around yet. We should play them in about 2 hours, but I will be sleeping at that time :)
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hm, I will check with our CK player, but chances are he might not be available so much later as it is 3 hours and a half after the CW start, and I have already informed everyone about the starting times (including our DB player that his match will start the last).

Can you substitute your CK player with another player?
[FRA] SaTan
Okay, I found a way to tell them that if they dont see you on chan clan FRA that they've to come chan clan RBR.

Also, My CK players have a football match ( he plays not Watch ) from 13;00 cet and he'll be back for 18;30 , is that good to play CK from 18:30 for you ?

Otherwise we can PP aswell if u prefer ( two PPs are allowed by CW in total , in detail it resume to be one per team )
[FRA] SaTan
Sry but i'm already gone, and I told them chan clan FRA before to leave :S

Tho u can find few of them probably on the chan gera cup .
[BG] rbr.Shorty
OK, no worries, we will contact them. If you could ask them if we could gather at channel rbr on w3arena, that would be great.

[FRA] SaTan
"noted on w3a "
I meant noted on NWC3L site.

:facepalm: no edit function :(
[FRA] SaTan
Tho I'll not be there sunday from tomorrow morning untill monday , So, feel free to contact my players instead to search for me when the line up are released.

Just in case , some of my players might be on differents account than the ones noted on w3a , to help you out :
Anima => anima. / animaa
KraV => Nekfeu / MacKrav

Gl hf for the cw ;)
[FRA] SaTan
My player on DB might not be able to be there for 15:00 , He'll be there for 17:00 I hope that doesnt bother you
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Ah, I see. OK, then - as I mentioned, the order of play doesn't really matter that much as long as at least one game starts at 15:00.
[FRA] SaTan
The 2v2 will be postponed by us because impossible to be played on Sunday what ever the time anyway.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
If we could start with the 2vs2, and then play SV and/or TS, that would be perfect. But no stress - as I mentioned, we just hope to have it all wrapped up within about 2.5 to 3 hours time. Unless, of course, some of your players reaches like the 1/2 finals or final of Gera Cup. In such a case we will all be watching :)
[FRA] SaTan
Okay then, First thing :
Do you need any map to be played in priority right at 15;00 ?
For example if lets say your player on " SV " have to leave around 16:00 , u should tell me now so I can seed someone who wont play gera cup ( or who will be out extremly quickly ahah :D )
You see the principles anyway, in order to make the things easier for you ofc ! ;)

Tho dont worry if anything goes bad , postpone are allowed just in case ;)
[BG] rbr.Shorty
OK, sure. If there are players still playing the Gera Cup, we can certainly wait for them to finish their games first. We just hope to have the CW completed by about 17:30 to 18:00.
[FRA] SaTan
Hmmm, We could do this, but some of my players may participate to the gera cup, So if we accept thoses terms :

U'll have to agree on waiting for our gera cup players to end their cup if they've to play for the cw( so no defwin or forced reseed due to the gera cup ) .
So we'll play the matchs of the ones who are not participating in gera cup in priority, and there wont be any problem if one of them need like 15 mins to finish his tournament before to play the cw matches.

If all of thoses terms are fine for you, tell me ! gl hf :)
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hi Team FRA, can we change the CW time to 15:00 on Sunday instead of 17:00?


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