Week 7: France [FRA B] vs Run Bi7ch Run [rbr]

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[BG] rbr.Shorty
Godfather 2:0 Posey
[FRA] SaTan
Posey's here tomorrow from 14:00
[FRA] SaTan
nifi/yipi 2-1 moon/shorty
[FRA] SaTan
I asked to nifi, he can the whole afternoon so does yipi , but I assume the sooner is the best for you, so I asked them for 14:00 , lets meet chan clan FRA.

Posey as nesh said can play sunday ( he back tomorrow evening from hollidays )
[FRA] SaTan
What's rly unmanner nick, is the fact you forgot an important note on this rules, and you blame me for your mistake :
3.5. Postpone option. Every team in every single match have option to postopne 1 BO3 series in match. If you already use this option and in next series your player or players cant play on any reason, you get Default Lose or see paragraph 3.4.

I think it's a comon sense for anyone, that you can take the postpone the first 20 - 30 mins after the cw start'd but not later ( not 5hours after the cw start ) simply because if we play the cw 1 bo3 per bo3 and the both 2x2 teams wait since the begining of the cw for their matchs, and they dont play a solo but only the 2x2 ,and finally the opposent admin force the postpone , this is just so unfair, the team who was here waiting for 6 hours waste the whole afternoon, that's not fair at ALL, and that's what's unmanner even more when we allow rbr to leave our cw for one hour.

Anyway, It seems like that's not normal and comonsense for you shorty , and reseeding should've been so obvious but instead you prefer to use of a fail in a rule, this is rly disapointing, and it's not for your honor.

That being said,
NiFi/yipi might be here tomorrow, around 14 - 19cet which match with your availibility of tomorrow, Yipi confirmed me it, but nifi isnt back from works yet, so i'll post here once nifi answered me to confirm / suggest another time.
As i said in private - regame for 2x2 match, rbr have right for postpone and a threat from FRA about defwins its pretty unmannered + Satan please do deals from FRA (you have enough PP's), FRAB not your competition anyway. Yes you w8 some time, but rule is rule, mb we fix time delay for taken PP in future.
[FRA] SaTan
- Not the whole CW, but I was here when all of this bullshit start'd, so it's enough to state a comment.

-NeSH is away for the week end, and he wasnt here when the 2x2 things happened, so I've more information to bring than him .

All what I read here , Is You saying : Klaus/nifi was late, this is why we couldnt play the 2x2 against you .
But, I'll remind you one thing :

From what you're saying : The moment nifi/Klaus was late, it was right at 14;00 ( so at the cw start ) and Klaus 1x1 + nifi 1x1 was played before 17:00 .
We start'd to discuss about the 2x2 at 17:00 +, and at this time, not even a single time U said " Klaus was late so was nifi so we need to PP 2V2 because i've no time anymore "
That's not what U said.
You said : We can play the 2x2 after the 2x2 vs OwNu .
Doesnt it looks like two total different sentences for you ? at least for me it does.

Which means, EVEN if Klaus/nifi were late at the begining, it didnt bothered you enough to postpone the 2x2 . Same, it was already 00:00 and u didnt said " I need to go sleep we postpone " but once again, u said " lets play after the 2x2 vs ownu ".

So, dear shorty, How comes now thoses facts are a matter when it wasnt a matter the CW day ?

You're crying for a game to be remake, when your only argus, are argus which didnt even bothered you the CW time, because not a single time you said that, or complained about it when we discussed about the 2x2 , Even more, it wasnt a matter at all .

So you engaged yourself to play the 2X2 after all of what you're talking about happened, which mean , you totally dealt with it, and it wasnt a problem at all.

So idk if you realised after the match against OwNu that it was too late for you to play, and then u want'd to have a postpone ( which is why U had to find a good reason, and why not blame the two who was late 4 hours before ? )

But that isnt really receivable, since it has happened hours ago, and u still said " we play after ownu " , so you've to respect your engagment then, and what happened before is not a matter , and if it was you would've state it, for a postpone .

[BG] rbr.Shorty
Dude, I don't understand why you are even commenting here when:
- you were not around throughout the whole CW
- you are not even part of FRA B as far as this league is concerned

In any case, both Nifi and Klaus came later, as I said, and that is why I was unable to start any of my games (neither the 2vs2, nor the solo) at the time when the clan war was scheduled. What exactly is not clear here? In fact I am pretty sure you were well aware of that, because you were in the games and you were asking me to go and play against someone who would substitute Saturn for our postponed match.

The clan war was scheduled for 14:00 CET, because I live in a country which is 7 hours ahead of CET. Thus, it was scheduled earlier so that it could've been finished earlier. Our postponed games with OwNu were scheduled for 16:00 CET, because normally 2 hours is perfectly enough time for 2x bo3s to be completed, if they are started on time (or at least within reasonable time period). They were not finished until 16:30, because of the aforementioned reasons.

Did I apologize to Nesh (who is the only orga here, whose comments have any validity, because he was around throughout the CW and he is the actual orga of FRA B per the line up of the team for this league) that I had to postpone the games? Yes, I apologized to him, and I explained him the reason why I had to postpone the match. Until the 3rd game against OwNu I was unsure if I would have the time to play the 2vs2 games against FRA B, but the third game finished very late local time (as I said numerous times, it was after 1:30am), so for the mentioned reasons it was impossible for me to play the games and therefore I had to postpone them.

This will be my last post here before we actually start arranging the time for the postponed matches. As I spoke with Nick, if we cannot agree on a mutually suitable time, he will set a default time at which the postponed games will have to be played.
[FRA] SaTan
Hey shorty,

1/ I wasnt here at the very begining of the cw, I came right before went away ( when you was afk ). Tho , are you counting the time you were afk in the 1 hour you're talking about ?

2/ NiFi was here and he was playing his 1x1 against switch if i'm not mistaken .

3/ ( Well it seems like I maybe detailed enough ? ) How ever if you planned it with OwNu the last week or even the week before, our cw is planned since the begining of the season , I remind you that we know who we play each weeks since the season start'd, so this cw is planned since before you even played against OwNu.
Add to that, As I told you a ton of time : Priority for the current cw.
Even if OwNu wait'd for 30 mins, It's still priority to Us.
How ever , we've been kind , Since We allowed you to go and play against OwNu, when we could've point out it, and make it complicated , but we're not here to cause troubles, I hope you know it.
So you told us that we would play this 2x2 right after the 2x2 vs OwNu, so we let our place to OwNu, to be kind , and dont make you be in trouble with OwNu waiting since 30 mins, and then when you come back, you ask to PP ?
As I said before, Why arent you considerating the fact my players wait'd an hour, while you was playing ?
This is only respect toward us to reseed, because We accept'd to wait, but we certainly dont accept to wait if at the end we dont play ...
You didnt even asked us if we could PP the 2x2 , you Asked US to wait, and U told us that we play the 2x2 right after your game vs OwNu.

So then , you've to respect your commitment, and to Play, you cant make peoples wait 1 hour , and not show to finally ask a PP.

It's your own trouble with Ownu, the facts they wait for you, and we shouldnt be the one who pay for it, when we've been kind by allowing you to play them before us .

4/ Once again, you could've Ask to PP in first intention, but you asked us to wait more than a Hour. Why didnt you just Asked to PP instead to ask to play after the 2x2 vs OwNu ?

Posey will be here on sunday, in the afternoon, but I cant give a time yet, because he's still in vacation ( untill saturday ) . I Assume he might be here sunday around 14 - 18 , but I cant confirm the time yet (only the day).

For the 2x2 For the reason mentionned, I dont see any reason to remake this, you engaged yourself to play, and u made us wait more than an hour totally on purpose ( at any moment you could've ask to pp from before the match against ownu, and even untill the end of first map, you could've told us, and we surely would've agreed ).
Also, take into consideration, NiFi and yipi was waiting and just was borred, they want'd to go off, but they didnt because They engaged themself toward you, so for the love of god, understand that you cant after that come and say " finally we pp ".
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Dear Satan and Nesh,

Thanks for your very exhaustive and detailed replies. However, obviously you have missed a few facts (on purpose or you might have just forgotten about them):

1) My opponent was not around until more than 1 hour after the start of the CW, and that is why I didn't start my solo game on time (and later finished it much later than expected).

2) In the meantime, while waiting for my solo opponent to come, we also couldn't play the 2vs2 game, because NiFi was not around, so I was simply observing games while waiting for any of them to come.

3) OwNu actually waited for us about half an hour to finish our solo games with Moon, although we had a pre-scheduled time with them. So as they were the ones who had waited longer for us to play the game (and anyway NiFi was still playing his third game against Sw1tch at that time), we decided to play the game against them.

4) After we finished our games against OwNu, it was almost 1:30am where I live, and I was at work the next day (some people need to go to work to feed their families). Something I explained very politely to Nesh, and I apologized that we had to postpone the game, as it would have been just impossible to play it.

Last, but most important, please let me know when your players will be available to play the postponed games.
[FRA] SaTan
Shorty,Instead to ask us to PP you asked us to wait 1hour before to play, You cant after that say " oh finally we want to PP " from the time you ask two players "nifi/yipi" to wait, they're stuck, because they've an engagment exactly as you do.

You dont realise how disrespectfull it is, and how you abuse ?
We are nice and allow you to play vs ownu, we are okay to wait 1hour , when we've no reason to accept that beside our fairplay, and that's how u want to thanks us ?
You back after your match to say " finally we pp "
You've 0 RESPECT for yipi/nifi who you wait'd for you, once again to helps you ?

Seriously, You cant claim to use your PP at 18;00 when a cw start'd at 14;00 + right after you asked two players to wait you 1hour before to play vs them.

You really need to realise that.
[FRA] SaTan
" So you're not allowed to do that, you cant ASK nifi/yipi if they can wait for your match vs OwNu + ask them then to wait 10 mins more , and when u comeback say it is defwin. "

And say it is postpone *
[FRA] SaTan
(Sry I tipped enter by missclick and impossible to edit or anything )

So , A) you asked yipi/nifi if they can wait for your match PP vs ownu, before to play your 2x2 vs them. You need to know ( And U already know it but i'll remember u it ) That it's priority to the current CW and not to the postpones , which means : Nifi / yipi could've refused and u would've been in trouble, because , either yipi/nifi would've been allowed to take defwin, either OwNu ( because U wasnt here for the PP ) but that's your ONLY problem, if you plays PPS during ANOTHER CW !
Now, yipikai and NiFi accepted you to go and play vs OwNu , when they had no reason to, and to play against you guys After this 2vs2 . ( at this moment the cw had start'd since 14;00cet and it was around 17;00 cet )

You then cameback after your 2x2 , and u then asked for 10 mins before to play.
Then, godfather and moon came, and asked for a Postpone, and at this exact moment, ( 18:20 or so ) you wrote here " we postpone the 2x2 ".

So you're not allowed to do that, you cant ASK nifi/yipi if they can wait for your match vs OwNu + ask them then to wait 10 mins more , and when u comeback say it is defwin.

Point is, if you asked us to report the 2x2 before to play OwNu, yipi/nifi would've accepted, but here what u asked them is to Play the 2x2 AFTER the 2x2 vs ownu and after the 10 mins break u guys needed.

For this reason you took an engagment , and you're aware that two players (yipi/nifi) are stuck and waiting for you.

It's a lack of respect, to ask use a service, then to ask for a postpone after our players wait'd for you 45 mins.

IN THIS SPECIAL CASE you cant ask for a postpone, you cant make them wait , it was FRAb vs RBR not rbr vs ownu, so you give priority to FRAb , and can be glade that nifi/yipi accept'd it To help you guys and not put you in trouble.

So You engaged yourself to play it after the 2x2 vs ownu.
But what you did and what's not understandable , is that after the 2vs2 vs ownu and after the 10 mins u asked before to play, you went OFFLINE and u wrote this message here, But fraB NEVER Accepted this PP, if U want'd to PP the 2x2 You should've done it at 14-15;00 Or at worst, instead to ask yipi/nifi to wait for your 2x2 vs ownu to be played ; you just ask them for a postpone.

WHat you did here, you ask us if we can allow u to CUT the current cw for a PP which has no link with FRab vs RbR and then after we wait'd more than an hour, you ask to PP ?? If you want'd to PP, you should've ask instead to ask us to wait 1:30 hours.

If u ask us to wait 1:30 hours, its not for you then to come and to say " finally we pp " .

You've a right to use a Postpone yes, but not in thoses conditions, you cant make us wait in purpose for 1;30 hours and then ask to pp the 2x2.

Sry but, this is normal to ask the defwin if u didnt reseeded yourself, once again, yipi/nifi accept'd you to play vs OwNu BEFORE to play vs them, not instead ; You asked US TO WAIT u didnt asked us TO PP .
So you cant back on your words after you made us wait 1;30 , please have respect, we're kind, we try to help everyone ( we help'd you by letting you play vs ownu instead of nifi/yipi when the priority is for the current cw , and we wasnt forced to it, so dont abuse to much... )

You Asked to PP at 18;20 in a cw that start'd at 14;00 , and fraB didnt accept'd this PP ( you even didnt asked if we were agree u imposed it 4 hours after a cw, when u first asked us to wait for your match vs ownu to play , U engaged yourself , please have respect ).
[FraB] NeSH
First, i wasnt informed that you pp the 2vs2, mb i missed it on w3arena but u wrote it at 18 CET and before I supposed that we cant play because you didnt answer on skype, it was 17 CET, so i get afk.
Apparently after that, you asked my players to wait you during your 2vs2 against Ownu and 1 hour later, you said that you have to postpone the match.
Seriously, u ask to w8, my players wait one hour and finally you postponed ... is this anomalous that they want to play despite you wasnt here ?
[FRA] SaTan
Hello, nesh is a bit lost, since he wasnt here the whole time, So i'm answering for him ( since I was here due to another cw in wc3cl ).

I'll answer point by point to every of your argus :

A) You asked yipikai and nifi if they could wait for your 2x2 vs OwNu before to play the 2x2 against them, I told you guys that in a
[BG] rbr.Shorty
The 2vs2 hasn't been played because:

A) I haven't participated in the match.
B) I have told you that we are postponing it, and I wrote here that we are postponing it. In other words, the match has been postponed - each team has the right to postpone one match per clan war, as you did with The Two Rivers.
C) I haven't authorized anybody to substitute me, and I am both the player that needed to postpone the game, and the only manager of the team. Therefore, I am the only person in this case that can authorize a substitute to be made.
D) You have threatened my players that you will get def win if they don't play and that is why they played, against every rule of the league.

The conclusion is that the games that have been played are not valid for this league and the actual 2vs2 match that was postponed by us still needs to be played. Having all this in mind, here is our availability during this week for the 2vs2 match:

- Saturday (5 March) - 11am to 4pm CET
- Sunday (6 March) - 11am to 4pm CET

I will get GodFather's availability for the Two Rivers match later.
[FraB] NeSH
Posey come back saturday, so we can try to play it at this moment ?! And 2vs2 was already play !
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hey guys, when can we play the pp'ed games: Two Rivers and 2vs2?
[BG] rbr.GodFather
Two rivers and the 2vs2 game are postponed.
[FraB] NeSH
dont worry, we will take defwin :D
[BG] rbr.GodFather
Hey i only can come @ 15:00 CET not earlier, sorry!
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Aloha! Is it possible to have the CW on Sunday at 14:00 CET instead of 17:00 CET? Merci!
[FraB] NeSH



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