Week 3: OwNu RenTner [OwNu] vs uMaD GAMING [uMaD]

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[WLVS] Wal3eyyy
yoo today 20H Berlin 2vs2
Our player Maru in LU is not available to play so we replaced him by Bizzare if you accept! ( I already informed your manager via skype but not sure he will be there later, so just to inform OwNu players too )
[WLVS] Wal3eyyy
Hi yo
Confirmed with OwNu manager via skype; The 2v2 will be played a day in this week. This is the simplest and logical solution that we found!
[OwNu] Yosh
Hey guys,

When can you play this 2v2 series? We have 2 cws today so it will be a bit busy but should have time to get this played out today if you have time. Otherwise weekdays after 20 cet should work as well.
Umad will ask/take defwin if no news from ownu. We had a meeting at a fix date. No one was present.
[WLVS] Wal3eyyy
The 2vs2 was scheduled monday 25/04 19H Berlin. You were there to play? So before crying about defwin AND WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, just ask your manager to fix date/hour to play (he has my skype) but apparently it's M. ToX who is not available to play this week-end LMAO
[BG] rbr.GodFather
[FRA] SaTan
ToX #1
gl for the last match !

How dare you yosh and creep not seeding Orange 3 cws in a row you got Lucky this time, but are you really so blind ? to not see that is the reason u lost the two last cws ? :D
#Prayfororangereturn ! 8)
[BG] rbr.GodFather
when you have time for the 2v2?



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