Week 9: OwNu RenTner [OwNu] vs Team Sunrise [tS]

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Screenshot ?
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
Wildcard boka for rob in 2n2.
[OwNu] Yosh
is it possible to play the 2v2 at around 21 cest?
2on2 Series - 09.10.2016 16-00 CEST
request from LG side.
Possible to using WildCard, not forget!
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
Any dates for the PP 2n2?
[OCG] Drunkenwanken
We swapping drunkenwanken with poe in 2n2.
[OwNu] Yosh
hey guys. we will be in clan ownu soon. stuck in a long game but we can start some series shortly.