Week 1: Team ViKiNGS [ViKi] vs uMaD Gaming [uMaD]

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[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
Well if no one assumes it's their problem and if you are interesting about ghosts just keep in head that screenshot>ghost. Btw you should know something about that since you played against MaD2.
But after reading OA/Sonik conv no need more stories, everything is solved and closed :)
[LG] OettingerAlt
this kali sees a lots of ghosts.
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
Well the random ghost sayed the major insults with your main account since he wanna used hosbot with his main acc after smurfin 2 ladder games lol
Maybe the unknown viki ghost will assume one day, who knows ^^
[OwNu] OA
#37 ..... http://tft.w3arena.net/profile/Over-Admire./?p=1 loook at my games played.. no games vs kunkel. in fact no games played before 10-01-2017.. rofl.. umad brah :)
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
Tell me the name of the ghost who has loged into your w3a account to insulted kunkel. An other ghost has deleted sweet message even if admin confirmed that he didn't. You already insulted the.Pain without reason and when via skype you are able to wrote things like " bich " " go fuck yoursef " and insulted our team, pls just stay in silent
Btw azornix if you still wanna talk about autism I'm glad that you joined the good clan but nwc3l is not a hospital jesus
[OwNu] OA
#32 lol? i dont even play ladder..show me a game where i played ladder vs him,..Please enough making up stories
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
N/C joined team 19dec

ggs wp
who cares if people insult each other on ladder? how is it even remotely relevant to nwc3l matches?

anyways, thanks for the free points
[HOT] ena1337
ggs viki wins 9-6
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
When OA insulted kunkel on the ladder because he lost 2-0 it was also nobody from viki. Be carefull please even on nwc3l website ghosts are making tricks
#26 how can you delete a message? Do you see a delete button? The admin removed it.
[OwNu] OA
#29 stop embarrsing your self.

uMad is MAD lol
#24 + #25
Are you too stupid for an intelligent answer or you can only shit talk ?

Thank you for participating to this league and trying to reach a good rank by buying a lot of players. After all, it's not sufficient.
kos omak gg wp
[OwNu] OA
ez kataka
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
You don't remember what you wrote because you don't care but you can confirm that Admin deleted your message?
Btw when you posted it I asked Admin if it was him or not who deleted the message and he confirmed that he didn't. But np, both of us don't care too much brot
Does reggg still have autism? Been a while.

was good clan war thx for easy win
or mb i dont care too much brot
Stop drug and you would remember and act in fact.
the Admin deleted my comment, because I wasn't in the team... i dont even remember what i wrote tbh
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
Welcome back in team SweeT, btw your advisory and visionary role is for sure needed!
I appreciated your message deleted after posting it :)
Oh fucking bitchies stop try to buy the top players we recrute. We recrute b2w.worker, you buy him, we recrute sonik, you try to buy him. Nice unmannered retard clan VIKI. #LOL
[OwNu] OA
rofl, you wish ^^
shaper, would have stomped iamtry like hell
[HOT] ena1337
I offered you a trade via Skype. Nick (nwc3l admin), bizarre and SonOfKali are informed about this. Basic idea: Trade game2 (& maybe game3) kim vs bizarre against PP iamtry (twisted meadows).

Accept this trade or close the CW (9-6 ViKi wins).

Your choice. Current situation is: CW over, 9-6 ViKi wins, ggs
[HOT] ena1337
Wildcard, we postone Twisted Meadows 1on1. Feel free to offer your times.
[PRCH] Bizzare
wildcard wemadefox.shaper instead of sehzade_mustafa
[OwNu] OA
i talked to quentin an we agreed to rematch where we left off. kim 1 bizzare 0

so well start with game 2 after we figure out vetos.
[PRCH] Bizzare
so if i lost do you mind showing me the replays that prove that i lost 2-0 ?
[OwNu] OA
#10 why would we rematch EI when kim alrdy won ??? regg alrdy reported it. an Kim alrdy won him.. bizzare left after losing game 1 said GG an logged off. so game 2 was a deflose...
[OwNu] OA
umm if you look at comment #5 EI PREPONED : kimchoonsam 2-0 BIZZARE

your manager reported it as 2-0...
[MaD2] Manager
Btw nice move , you took a def win for a game which was not scheduled and the manager which agreed to rematch EI solo left viki team , n1
Practiceman, constantly making EDIS wait an hour between games. Before the series they started talking he took 30 minutes, after the 1st game, he went to go to and play ladder and instead of contuining the series? wtf is that? another 20 minutes. and then when it was 1-1. He makes EDIS wait another 20 minutes in the game lobby with no response. So we take defwin on 3rd game. Making a player wait this long without any reason or text as to why is unacceptable.
Meet in clan viki at normal start time. SV + AI is rdy. TM and 2s can be played after those or so
Yes, and the other games will be played tomorrow.
EI PREPONED : kimchoonsam 2-0 BIZZARE
looking for some more for saturday or friday at office
hi, which ones?
Hi, how about preponing some game?


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ViKi [0:9] uMaD 30.10.2016 - 16:00
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