Week 2: uMaD2 Gaming [MaD2] vs OwNu RenTner [OwNu]

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[OwNu] Yosh
ok great! thank you impossible!
Hi Yosh,

I arranged that via priv msg with Jokern already :)
sorry for not giving all of you required info in here, but as you can see the match has been played yesterday.

[OwNu] Yosh
any update on dates and times from chevron? we really need to get this played.
[BMz] JokeRn
any dates?
[BMz] JokeRn
tomorrow friday 30.12. 12-16 cet?
[MaD2] Manager
hi chevron prefers play it btw 27-30 dec, don't know yet exactly day/tiime etc but we will schedule this after Christmas np
[BMz] JokeRn
yo i can play tomorrow until 16 cet
next dates will be 27-30.12. iam flexible on these days, just let me know when chevron is available and marry xmas
[BMz] JokeRn
sorry nerzhul agreed earlier than you to play but is letting me wait for him : )
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
hi, Chevron is available to play today
Let's meet clan umad
[BMz] JokeRn
i can play today until 22 cet
wednesday 17-19 cet
27.12-30.12. any time
Hi there guys,
The remaining match on NI, pp'ed with agreement from both sides. Jokern, Chevron plz write dates and hours in which you can play. Lets figure out a time decent for both of you and play soon :)
[BMz] JokeRn
chevron today 18 cet maybe?
[OwNu] ToX
handsome guy impossible :x
[OwNu] mueY
this impossible seems to be a nice guy
Dear Sirs,
we are on channel "clan umad" join us, so we can begin our cw.
Yours sincerely
[BMz] JokeRn
thx, confirmed
Hi Team OWNU,
Referring to my talk with Jokern, there was a suggestion to prepone the whole cw to Sunday 16cet (due to your other CW in wc3cl). Please kindly confirm if that works for you :)
Best Regards,



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