Week 3: Real Life Buddies [RLB] vs uMaD2 Gaming [MaD2]

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[WLV2] Manager
We agreed to switch players:
ajk/Qlimax 2-1 feartheg0lem/chevron

wp nice clan war
2v2 guys? when can we play it. and also, would u let us replace coolno2 from 2v2 and add qlimax, since coolno2's comp is broken. so we rly need to replace a player.
[RLB] AtheistP
@RLB ako sacekate cetvrtak uvece mogu da igram 2v2 KappaPride
[WLVS] Wal3eyyy
Solo MV today 18:00 Berlin
RLB agreed Kunkel to play instead of Zarg, thank's
Oke, lets do 2v2 after newyear :) solo tomorrow is ok then. c-ya
Hey Ajk,
I won't get home earlier tomorrow :( so maybe lets play 2v2 in January like 2nd or 3rd, what do you think about it?
And we can do the solo tomorrow at ~17;30/18cet.
Friday 18:00 is kinda bad for me, i would like if we can play it like at 16:00? our solo player can do it after 2v2, like at 17:30, or 18:00. tell me if that is ok?
Hi guys,
Sorry for being idle for a while but it was christmass.
We can play 2v2 on friday at 18Cet! Does it work for you?
Hopefully we can arrange last solo on the same time :)
Please confirm.
[WLV2] Manager
Our 2v2 players will be available friday evening
Don't know yet about solo MV
Oke 2v2 is fine with us, we are mostly availabe at nights, good news for MV, sunday night can be palyed? oke?
[WLV2] Manager
The 2v2 can be played maybe mid of the next week, we will repost a message with date/time to confirm or not
Our solo MV is mostly available only the nights, so maybe we will have to replace him with an other player
When do u want to play 2v2 and MV? our MV player is busy at nights, so it would be good to play that during the day.
[WLV2] Manager
3 solos preponed:
DR: ajk 2-0 nothingness.
AZ: skyrocky 2-0 impossible
LR: imbaimba 0-2 chevron

[RLB] SkyRocky
Ok i will be online at 20:00 on w3a Nick : SkyRocky
Hi Rocky,
I think you missunderstood my statement, there was "or" not "and" so i can promise 1 map today... whatmore due to you not answering yesterday, my todays availability changed and i'll be online about 20:15... anyways i'll try to contact our guys to come today so we can play as much as possible. If my previous post was unclear enough then i'm sorry for inconvenience and i hope we will manage to reach the agreement with maps and dates.
[RLB] SkyRocky
Hi hi :) ok, we can play today two maps, see you

Hi again,
Mb we can prepone AZ or LR for thursday after 17:15Cet? Please kindly confirm if that works for you :)
Hi there, i think it is very accurate date!
But speaking seriously i would suggest us playing on other dates :)
Lets postpone whole cw to weekdays after 25.12 or try to play something before friday 23.12.
[RLB] SkyRocky
hi guys, can we do this at 24.12 17cet?


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