NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League


InFernales [InFs]
Year of Founding 2017
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cl Infs]Fred (Battle.Net: W3A: Fredisabuseromg)

cl BrokeNativE (Battle.Net: W3A: Acid[ChiLe])

ar InFs_Zero_[M] (Battle.Net: W3A: InFs_Zero_M)


mx orc Espejo (Battle.Net: W3A: Peru.Espejo)

ve orc Edgar04 (Battle.Net: W3A: Edgar04)

cl orc moon_grubby (Battle.Net: W3A: Dannygg)

cl orc Infs]Fred (Battle.Net: W3A: Fredisabuseromg)

ar orc _Mikasa (Battle.Net: W3A: [X]pLy.-)

co orc Des1Re (Battle.Net: W3A: NACIONAL.)

ec human druktin (Battle.Net: W3A: Druktin)

bo human Soulking (Battle.Net: W3A: Gx.Soulking)

cl undead BrokeNativE (Battle.Net: W3A: Acid[ChiLe])

undead Bathory- (Battle.Net: W3A: SxT)

cl undead fobia (Battle.Net: W3A: InFs]Fobia)

ar undead -GB- (Battle.Net: W3A: -GB-)

ar undead InFs]Carl (Battle.Net: W3A: CarlGrimes)

ar elf Gnc (Battle.Net: W3A: Gnc)

ec elf babyskyste93 (Battle.Net: W3A: stevenbabysky)

Season 10 Div 2 Participants

Start: 15.04.2019 - 17:00 CEST
List of allowed teams
Name Teams: 7
Art of Warcraft
LS Gaming 2
OwNu RenTner
P r o - G a m i n g C o l l e g e

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pG.RaZZoRMaN cup 23.04 - 14:09 CEST
JokeRn. cup 23.04 - 12:56 CEST
YaGami cup 23.04 - 09:40 CEST
ag3nt cup 23.04 - 07:19 CEST
Sonik cup 23.04 - 00:23 CEST
S9 Final SWE vs. Fs
S9 SemiFinal SWE vs. LS
S9 W4 Ls vs. Fs
S8 Final uMaD vs. pG
S7 Final SQK vs. SWE