Week 2: OwNu RenTner [OwNu] vs InFernales [InFs]

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[BMz] JokeRn
guys can we start?
[BMz] JokeRn
hello can we play a bit later? like 19.30? im finishing my clanwar match atm
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
[BMz] JokeRn
ok sunday 03.06. 19 CEST channel nwc3l!
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]

19 CEST would be fine if you can
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]

no problem bro ... we accept a replacement.
[BMz] JokeRn
hi ente will be busy until tuesday, i could replace him and play on sunday between 13-22 cest
i just need a confirmation about the time and if you agree the replacement
[OwNu] OA
ente is working all week, but he can play wednesday @ 21 cest
[OwNu] OA
ill ask on my end
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
tomorrow at 16:00 CEST we could play the remaining game
[HOT] ena1337
good job ownu so far. gonna be hard competition in div2 for sure, until the end of season
[OwNu] OA
EnTe's match will have to be PP'ed for a later date, let us know what dates/times are good
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]

elves is ready for the last bo3....ownu?

[OwNu] OA
InFs request to swap GNC for moon_grubby , accepted by OwNu
[OwNu] OA
going to have to PP GC
[OwNu] OA
which maps can you start with ?
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
[OwNu] OA
sunday 1700 cest channel ownu @northrend



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