Week 6: P r o - G a m i n g [pG] vs Firestalker [Fs]

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[Fs] Jehu
DI: Rici 0-2 Jonas
[pG] pG.Okkul
[Fs] Jehu
alright, let's play on sunday at 15 cet
[pGJr] NortikTortik
Jehu, yeah agree, gogo play at Sunday 15:00 CET (2 hours before next CW)
29 January, 15-00, right?
[Fs] Jehu
We could also play on sunday before the other NWC3l Clanwar. What do you think?
[SQK] ag3nt

Fs 15-0
[pG] pG.Okkul
[pG] pG.Okkul
We get tech win then
[pG] pG.Okkul
[pGJr] NortikTortik
wtf, clan FS? are u here?? a u wanna tech lose? 22.01.2017 15-00 CET time of our match!!! we write to admin about ur non-appearance
[pG] pG.Okkul
Now our clan is here and ready to play. Wait for you in channel.
[pG] pG.Okkul
We dont agree to postpone our match, because we cant play in other days, our mates have a lot of work, so they will busy. Lets play today 17:00 CET (p 3.3 of Reglament).
Meet in channel clan pg (/j clan pg).
[Fs] Jehu
We can't play today and you already agreed to postpone it, you can't just take it back ^_^ Just pick a new date please, we could either play friday or saturday in the evening
[pG] pG.Okkul
So, we changed our minds and dont wanna to postpone this matches. Lets play in 22.01.2017 17:00 CET.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Do you agree to postpone matches in several days?
[pG] pG.Okkul
Okay, we agree to postpone, plz give some days to conside about date of match.
[Fs] Jehu
Hey, we have to play wc3cl at 18 CET, thus we would like to play this CW earlier like 15 CET or postpone it to a different day.


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