Week 9: Run Bi7ch Run [rbr] vs uMaD2 Gaming [MaD2]

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[BG] rbr.Shorty
[WLVS] Wal3eyyy
2v2: Zarg played game 1 and feartheg0lem game 2, rbr agreed ty
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Just double-checking here.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hi guys, our 2vs2 team can play the postponed match any day of the week after 8pm CET (Monday-Friday). Which day would work best for you?
[BG] rbr.Shorty
We will need to postpone the 2vs2. Our player's PC is gg no re.
SV preponed
Brokenhands 0-2 eucalyptus

EI PREPONED : umad]management (REGGG) 0-2 rbr.moon

Rbr accepted I play on the account management as I did not play for uMaD team 1.

I am sick as fuck please come fastly to win 2-0 and I can sleep. Thx
I am here.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
OK, let's go! Channel clan rbr
I am available to play. Let me know.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hey man, thanks for checking in. It seems like there will be a special edition of Gera Cup today, though, and pretty much all our players will be participating. Do you think it might be possible to play before Gera?
Tomorrow 17Cet go for EI?


I can't promise but will try to prepone Ei. I'll write soon with some sugeestion for dates.

[BG] rbr.Shorty
Do you think it would be possible to prepone EI? For example for Saturday around 13:00 CET?

Hopefully we will be able to play whole cw at default time... but it may occur that some reseeds would be needed.

Best regards,
[BG] rbr.Shorty
I think it should be OK, as long as the admin allows it.
Added to this, I can switch to team 2 as I did not play for team 1.

Just need you allow me to play the first week as the rules says no.

But playing on "manager" would be appreciated.

Let me know.
Hi Shorty,

1) We maybe will have to prepone/postpone some games.

2) In case of no players available. Do you accept REGGG (me/manager of uMaD), to play with the account "Manager" of MaD2 ? I am not playing for uMaD.

Please confirm/coment.

Confirmation/acceptation of Nick is welcome.

[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hallo, Siemka!

Just want to confirm that we can play at standard time.


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