Qualifier: uMaD2 Gaming [MaD2] vs P r o - G a m i n g J u n i o r [pGJr]

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Ena is back :o
[HOT] ena1337
??? :

5.5. Score abusing.
For player - Manager


3 penalty points for REGGG, what's for an honor.
Thx < 3 : )
[MaD2] Manager
pg2 still not ban for lies and cheat? lol. Well if you ban Maru so just ban pg2 maybe?
If you don't ban pg2, so let's play today but unban Maru since we don't cheat.

Maru won his game 2-0 and yesterday Admin still wanna regame his match 0-0. And the cool decision for you was to freeze the match 0-0 when real score of the clan war was already 8-3 and over?

And pG instead of beeing sorry with umad members and assume yesterday what they did, all what they found when we spotted them, was to blaming that Maru is Hulk when they already know that before the game started like curiocity./ripley/frozen from the squad 1. Even the admin from pG sayed when they saw Maru in sqaued 2, so they just decided in the last minute to add ikbencool in team 2 to get 3 members versu 2 from squad 1 but ikbencool on smurf from Bulgaria when he's from Netherlands nobody knew that. Well epic escape XDDD.
Wc3 stories are always imba, that show the IQ of community who doesn't improve and still following the system like robots.

If you guys don't have mental problem you should understand that. You can give 10 penalty points for REGGG I don't care since how pG acted yesterday was even 100 times worst anyway, that's the difference and the sad thing.

And since today easter is finish, MaD2 is able to seed Growlithe for the 2vs2, because pG also refused to PP the clan war for an other day :/.
Do we need to use wildcard? Or maybe let's continu how clan war started, so curiocity. has to play 1vs2 too?

[Fs] Drunkenwanken
More penalty points than normal points, great war!
[pG] Acedia
то что косяки были обоюдные,это уже факт,вопрос в другом,когда предложили урегулировать этот конфликт,предложив 2 пути решения этой проблемы,сначала один из менеджеров приводил непонятные доводы,шутил и долго смеялся,непонятно почему,и долго думал,потом посыпались оскорбления уровня детского сада в отношении отдельных людей из пГ,так и в отношении всей России;хоть перенос и запрещён , мы были не против этого переноса,пойдя на компромисс,несмотря на все оскорбления и анманерное поведение некоторых личностей.(потом таки благоразумный менеджер юмэда одобрил урегулирование конфликта полюбовно в комменте #4,опять же,надеюсь это не ирония,а искреннее пожелание).Я за мирное решение этой проблемы 2-ым путём.Призываю всех к манерности и благоразумности,господа.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Reggg only you crying , stop insults to cheeron, be manner
Didn't I tell your IQ is low to communicate with me ? Please !mute cheeron.

In the case you did not understand my previous message :

You act like a girl transforming the truth and crying about beeing the victim. Good job.
[HOT] cheeron
Admin noticed that u have same situaion with ur player(blabla forgot pw-rules are rules).He had best solution for this situation.U didn't want to end cw following the rules but instead u've started flaming.U was fighting vs rules and admin,not vs pgteam and u've lost.This is just pointless ,bye.
P.S. Hope u will get punished for this bs...

Rules :
5.8. Playing for two teams. Playing for two teams participating in the season/qualification - a ban until the end of the current season/stage and the next.

This rule says : you cant PLAY for two team.
There is no point mentioning you are not allowed to have an account in two different team.
Here is the big difference.

Then following the rules, we did nothing wrong. We would do something wrong if Maru would play next cw for umad1 without taking care of the 1 cw ban.

But Pg did something wrong by liying about their players then cheating on us.

All other points have been mentioned by SonOfKali in the previous message.
And as mentioned my mates, they knew maru = hulk.rus. Then by saying nothing they agreed.

It's unbeliavable that cheaters can obtain a second chance and that you judge us like you judge them.
Ok Cheeron, from my part I do not talk anymore with you. Your IQ is so low. You act like a girl transforming the truth and crying about beeing the victim. Good job.
[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
pg-mountainking he's from Bulgaria? They lies, bot confirmed he's from NL. Even the ladder timing games are amazing and proved that ikbencool played.

Maru won 2-0, replays confirmed and now the result is 0-0 and he's ban for 1-2 seasons lol? Because he didn't know how to log on Maru so he played on his other main account with 4k games at with curiocity. So you thougt we tried to cheat even when the main pG manager know that hulk = maru and that was not a problem for them since we started the bo3? And when we spotted that pG guys are cheating with smurf from Bulgaria, admin don't say ok we stop the bo3 or something you let us finish the bo3, so we won 2-0 and finally now game is 0-0 lol?

And then instead of trying to make excuses and assume your acts you guys still found solution to finish the clan war tommorow who was over 8-3? So we won vs cheaters and you still give them opportunity to be qualified, good job :)
[HOT] cheeron
The bare facts are showing us that u had same player in umad1-umad2 rosters.After u noticed pgjr smurf of ikbencool u told admin about it having same situation in ur case.What should admin do after it?Why not ask to delete maru's account before quali if u wasn't going to smurf?This is ur only mistake and after accepting" MaD2] Manager
2nd way - HulK and ikbencool come back in 1st squads and you change them for any other players." u have started to flame ,even insult admin (not telling about others) and refusing to end cw.It won't work out that way.
actually cheeron , noone of our players played on smurf. Your players did it .
furthermore , ure fake smurf lost 2 0 and The admin give u a second chance to win this clanwar even if u dont deserve it .

Dear Cheeron,

Shut up, you came 5 hours later and know nothing. Then now just stop shit talk and go suicide.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

[HOT] cheeron
umad2 themselves set a precedent and after have started to claim opponent's team in it seems to everyone to be the height of folly.Ur unmannered behaviour,accusing opponents in all hacks/cheats and even national blaming showed show your true colors.Shame on you.
И сейчас он зайти не может на сайт, что под Maru, что под Hulk.
От аккаунта Maru нет пароля, потому пришлось регистрировать новый, то что Hulk=Maru знают все игроки на лиге с того момента, как он начал играть. Мы и не скрывали этого, а ПГ просто зарегали новый ник и ничего не сказали, что это другой игроки узнали прописав from в игре. Если бы выиграл игрок из ПГ я на 100% уверен, что закрыли бы глаза, кто из какого состава. И то что ПГ не выставили состав к тому времени к какому надо это тоже из-за того, что они не могли более менее сильного игрока найти и зарегали смурф.
You make no difference between someone who play on his account (and we said maru curio team B next saison) and someone who play on an account of another player ?
Not fair .

[uMaD] Wal3eyyy
gg pg bitchies :(
Are you fucking joking ? I am ban as player ?

Rest of the games appointed to Monday 17.04 - 19:00 CEST.
HulK and Ikbencool banned for playing for 2 teams.
[MaD2] Manager
2nd way - HulK and ikbencool come back in 1st squads and you change them for any other players.

ggs wp.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Sorry for my mistake = double pG.Ripley in line-up , on MV will play pG.KingKrimson
Meet at NWC3L channel! GG GL HF!
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Battle of the "hidden" 15 points? :)



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