Week 6: Team Bulgaria 1 [BG1] vs LS Gaming 1 [LS1]

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[uMaD] W3L.Psike
Lex, we wil in channel: clan ls

[BG] rbr.LeX
Perfect! So it is decided.
[uMaD] W3L.Psike
Hi Lex, rellik can play sunday 17cet.

[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hi guys, Leader will be in channel clan rbr today at 2pm CET.
[BG] rbr.LeX
What about at Sunday? If possible, we could start sooner.
[uMaD] W3L.Psike
Hi lex, Rellik can play everyday 17cet, what day can you?
[uMaD] W3L.Psike
Agree with BG.

Map TR confirmed tuesday 14cet and game of rellik I will give info soon.

[BG] rbr.GodFather
LS1 using Wild Card on 2v2 changing Rellik with Cash. GGs
[uMaD] W3L.Psike
Hi BG, we are in channel: clan ls

[BG] rbr.LeX
Can we start with the 2v2s?
[LUL] MartialSpirit
Can't wait to see Insomnia playing clanwars again, I hope he does : D
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Ola queridos! For now it seems like default time would be fine, but we might still need to postpone 1 game. I will need to confirm this later on.

Regarding Insomnia sensei, I cannot confirm :D
[uMaD] W3L.Psike
Hi BG, time for default is ok?

GG HF :D , I hope see to Insomnia sensei



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