NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

New Clan

New Clan [NC]
Year of Founding 2017
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ru 820 (W3A: 820)

by GreenField (W3A: GreenField)

by lvlup (W3A: cold1)

ru worlop (W3A: p.4.t.c.h)


ru orc CodexBushido (W3A: CodexBushido)

fi orc Lama (W3A: jerax)

ru human Humonster (W3A: Humonster)

ru undead zsef (W3A: zsef)

ru elf worlop (W3A: p.4.t.c.h)

ua elf 4uvakcool (W3A: 4uvakcool)

rs elf NC.mL4dzaTDI (W3A: NC.mL4dzaTDI)

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ThorZaIN news 10.12 - 00:16 CET
Nerzhul news 09.12 - 17:06 CET
Imperius news 09.12 - 17:04 CET
Endarspire news 09.12 - 16:47 CET
rvs news 09.12 - 16:36 CET
S8 Final uMaD vs. pG
S7 Final SQK vs. SWE
S7 SemiFinals
S6 Final ViKi vs. uMaD
S6 SemiFinal SQK vs. ViKi