NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! We are glad to announce the first season of the new team in the discipline Warcraft III TFT, called New War Craft 3 League [NWC3L]. Participate can any team which send the application, and have at least 4 players or more.

In the first season of league has the following structure: Group stage (2 Groups) and the playoffs. The number of teams in the groups and the number of teams entering the playoffs will be determined later. As for the system of the matches, it will be tested classic WC3L system, but in the group stage BO1 and BO3 in the playoffs. All matches will take place on the server w3arena, by means hostbot. Take this opportunity to express our gratitude to server administrators for services rendered.

Separately say about maps and the system of the matches. All matches will be appointed by the administration of a list of 5 starting maps. As seen from the above, the group stage of the veto is not required. But in the playoffs, winner will have a veto 1 map. Accordingly, the map already played in each series BO3 reselect impossible. Map pool:

1х1: [AI, AZ, EI, MV, SV, TS, LR, NI, TM, TR].

2х2: [AV, CG, LT, GW, TM, TR].

The system of the matches. Line-up makes no later than 10 minutes before the start of the match. BO3 series starts to play the first solo (standing first on the list) and on the order of up to 2v2 matches. Of course you can negotiate and another sequence, but you must provide consent to managers and players from both teams.

As you probably already know in our league and have a modest prize fund of $ 100 for first place.

Anticipating questions about the website, I want to assure you that the work on the creation of all required modules actively conducted every day.

This until all! Any information you need with regards to the league, you can find the following contacts.


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