NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Teams List

Advanced Gaming Alliance [AGA]
Clan iOg [iOg]
CoilNova Alliance [CNA]
Connectical Cybersport [geST]
DeathZone [DHZ]
Digital Xtreme [Dx]
DkH Gaming e.V. [DkH]
Dragon eSports [drG]
Dream System Gaming [DrmS]
DuSt Gaming [DuSt]
EAS for Life [EA]
Emo 1337 [Emo]
Empire of the world WarCraft [EWW]
Entropy Gaming [EYG]
Eternal Faith [EF]
EwOk [EwOk]
Fate [FATE]
Firestalker [Fs]
France B [FraB]
FrenchCraft [FRC]
Global Clan Academy [GCA]
GlobalClan [GCW3]
God Bless Pirates [GBP]
Going For Ownage [GFO]
Golden Company [GC]
Goodgame [GG]
Guys From GoodGame [gfgg]
History of RAGE [RAGE]
Hot Emo 1337 [HEmo]
House of Pain [HooP]
Hyperion [HYPE]
InFernales eSports [InFs]
InFernales eSports AC [InFa]
InFernales eSports SC [InFc]
JoKe [JoKe]
Just For Skill [J4S]
Kings Light Players [kLp]
KoAo [KoAo]
Koirat [K]
Latam Gamers [LUL]
Latin America Gamers [LaG]
Latín América Gamers 2 [LaG2]
Legendary Gamerz [LG]
Legends Die Hard [LdH]
Les Réprouvés [RPV]
Lighnting7 Academy [L7A]
Lightning7 [L7]
LS Gaming [LS]
LS Gaming 2 [LS2]
Meet Your Makers [MYM]
New Clan [NC]
No Trash Allowed [nTa]
Oceanic Elite [oCe]
Oceanus Gaming [OCG]
OwNu RenTner [OwNu]
P r o - G a m i n g [pG]
P r o - G a m i n g J u n i o r [pGJr]
P r o - G a m i n g C o l l e g e [pGCl]
Playing Ducks - Ducklings [PDl]
Playing Ducks e.V. [PD]
POL Team [POL]
Polish Hussars [PH]
PORCHA e-Sports [PRCH]
RAGE Esports [RAGa]
RAGE Esports [RaG]
Raven's Nest [RN]
RBTV Bambeanis [BamB]
Real Life Buddies [RLB]
Reign of Kings [RoK]
Rentner Bande [RB]
Rise Against Power [RaP]
Rocket Beans TV Community Team [RBTV]
second class Poles [scP]
SiLence [SiL]
Solo Perfect Gaming [sPG]
Soviet War Elites [SWE]
SP4RTANS.de [s4s]
SP4RTANS.eu [s4sE]
Sun Gaming [Sun]
Team Bulgaria 1 [BG1]
Team France [FRA]
Team Furious [TF]
Team L7 [TL7]
Team mythic Reforged [TmRe]
Team Power Rangers [PwRG]
Team Power Rangers Dark [PwRD]
Team ViKiNGS [ViKi]
The Bloodthirsty Warriors [TBW]
The Mad Bastards [TMB]
The Mighty oYo [oYo]
The Rejects [poop]
third class Poles [tcP]
Thunder Ducks [TDK]
uMaD Gaming [uMaD]
uMaD Gaming 2 [MaD2]
Underground Kings [1uk1]
Wandering Dragons [WnD]
War3lovers Gaming [W3L]
Warcraft III Italia [ITA]
Washed Up [wU]
Wrath and Madness team X [WaMX]
Wrath and Madness team Y [WaMY]
Zero Effort [zE]


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Last comments

Ally match 22.05 - 14:51 CEST
Sl4sH match 22.05 - 01:21 CEST
Nerzhul match 20.05 - 03:04 CEST
Nerzhul match 15.05 - 22:41 CEST
Hax match 15.05 - 16:32 CEST