NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S18 End of group stage

Group stage almost over, but still some thing not clear. In Division 1 team  L7 still have a chance to going play-off, but its hard because all in  scP hands. For be out of reach they need just +1 point, but will see how it goes, miracle sometimes happen)

Division 2 too have some option in particular in Group B, there  Sun and  RBTV have they own opposite for Top 1! So will nice to see culmination here. Group A more stable in this aspect and here clear positions for  PwRG and  S4S.

In result, i hope we can finish the necessary series in near time and begin play-off already on this sunday, but it can't be sure for 100% let's just wait how fast teams play their postpones! Also we get time for edit rules about W3C platform/hosts/maps way for play-off, to be fair noone play on bnet servers all season long)

In the end of this remark i post rosters of play-off, just for know, i close rest of open matches in order to all players who get admission will display in tables, if will need update results just leave it in comments or in discord. That's it! Stay tuned, cya!

Roster after Group Stage - Season 18 Div 1
Roster after Group Stage - Season 18 Div 2