NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S18 Finale

Hello everyone and welcome to Season 18 final match there daring debutant meet stable title pretender! Both teams show good performance in past stages, top 3 of solo stats belong to them! Also interesting that their own match in group stage finished with draw, may be they knew something!) By the way  scP have a chance make unical achievement to win D1 right after winning D2 - "from zero to hero!", will see! For  GCW3 its already 3rd try to win the title from Season 16, this guys walk nearby so now i think they pretty motivated for broke bad line and finally get top 1! But anyway all will decided on the field, invite you all at sunday 17:00 CEST it should be exciting! Good luck and good games for teams!

G1 G2 G3 Smurf [2:1] rbr.LeX
G1 G2 Glare [0:2] GoTeRRoR
G2 Aserinox [2:1] Lubber
G2 paladynpl [2:1] Sw1tch
G1 G2 Fir
[0:2] GoTeRRoR


[scP] Fir
Yea W3L.Psike and muminiusz i think too!
[RBTV] Nase
Will someone stream this?