NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Season 18 Summary


  GlobalClan [GCW3]  - 50$

  second class Poles [scP]

  InFernales eSports [InFs] &  Playing Ducks e.V. [PD] 

Aserinox - 1 on 1

GoTeRRoR & Lubber - 2 on 2

Season 18 is ended and now we crown new champion - GlobalClan [GCW3] our congratulations very deserved victory after some unlucky line! Stable line up, good orga and strong play! Well done guys! But of course it should be noted and other finalist - second class Poles [scP] who made incredible performance and almost win D1 right after win in D2! It could be first case in the history of NWC3L, but not this time, anyway good games and well played! We won't forget about
InFernales eSports [InFs] who by the way win the group stage and was a main applicant for the title, but can't break through semifinal this time, well i beilive all for this team still ahead! Team who lose to one step champion always special - Playing Ducks e.V. [PD] these guys had a great season, gave their best in every match and took second place in the group, in the semifinals they met an opponent who, it would seem, easily defeated in the previous match, but, alas, there was a certain cunning in this and they did not manage to repeat this result and as a result get to the final, but still a good season in the top 3!
Want to thank all the teams, players, organizers and streamers for participating in this season, thank you very much! And also invite you to the next season, which will start very soon, need just to clarify some things! The announcement will be tomorrow! Stay tuned!
Ps. Nice dead-top of players!)


[RBTV] Nase
[InFa] MartialSpirit
gg guys!
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
[GCW3] Moixxoi