NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League


Hello Again! So it is one of the key moments this operates under the name Российская Федерация NWC3L, namely the fight for the coveted and alluring ticket to the final. Few were able to get so far, especially the way was not easy for those who fell in the semifinals not directly! What is particularly surprising, these commands the same name, well, except for just a couple of letters, you probably already guessed who I mean, so greet sensational and unexpected bursting teams Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness [WaM] in the semi-finals! Tell a little about how they do it: start from the top, where the team Европейский Союз WaM Y defeated the team Германия Rentner Bande [rB] at first sight with enough crushing score - [3:0], but better if you look closely, you will notice that in the every match was fierce and uncompromising struggle in which every time lucky team provided Y. In the second semi-final Европейский Союз WaM X to show their best side, and won the confidence, allowing the team to grab a gangsters prestige point! Our congratulations to the newly made semi-finalists!

We proceed to the semi-finals! So met! In the first semifinal of us are waiting for violent confrontation in the face of russian Российская Федерация God Bless Pirates [GBP] and european Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness Y [WaM] schools of Warcraft! Watch and enjoy, is a noble battle!

And finally! Clou! Cherry on the cake! Spoon of honey in a barrel of tar! Downhole and bloody, and unscrupulous consummate match США OwNu so Cabi [OwNu] against Европейский Союз Wrath and Madness X [WaM]. Let me remind you! The teams have already met this season and gave us a beautiful and interesting sight! I think this time it will be even more heart-pounding and relentless! Well at this farewell! All the bloody battles and sweet dreams! (c)


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