Week 4: Rentner Bande [RB] vs OwNu so Cabi [OwNu]


[RB] KuRi
Capetown 1 - 0 Deathnote
[RB] KuRi
my player is waiting in your clan channel @ w3a. u are on the way?
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
We can play now/today if you guys are still around.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
I sent a msg asking about Friday. Someone will reply to this chat.
[RB] KuRi
so, what about today or friday guys?
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
I won
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Iam online all the time just wisper
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
i can play now
[RB] KuRi
could we play the TR 1n1 on tuesday or friday? our guy could play from 13:00 cet till evening
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Lol some fan faking me ...
Today 19:15 is fine for me OK ?
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Manner up sweetboi. I can play tomorrow since 19 CET.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Nucked you motherfucker! say a fucking time when you can play or i rape ur parents
Guys meet at clan w3a please, we want stream your games.
[RB] KuRi
np. we can play everything without TR
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Sorry about that. Yosh's computer is broken atm.
[RB] KuRi
ok. i have the 2n2 and at least 2x 1n1. cant confirm the rest yet.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Hey. dont think so. i've organized nothing cause there where no response from yosh :/ I'll check who could play today.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Hi, lots of our players have been busy/sick this week but hopefully we can get the games played today. Can you play all games at 17 CET?
[RB] KuRi
heyho. could we play 1x 1n1 on saturday between 14.00 and 18.00 cet ?
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
sry, had much work to do and could post something in the comments from my smartphone :/
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Either works for me. If anyone can play during the week we can just get those maps done so that we don't have to worry about them during the weekend.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Heyho. I've lot work to do till wednesday. i suppose that weekend would be the best. or we could play the games seperated during the week. dont know what u would prefer.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
yoyo when can you guys play?


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