Week 3: OwNu RenTner [OwNu] vs Team Bulgaria [BG]

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[OwNu] Yosh
meet in channel ownu
[PD] JokeRn
meet channel ownu
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
AZ: Ethernal 2:1 Sniq
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Guys, are you around? We are in channel clan rbr.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
[OwNu] Yosh
Gogo AZ sat @ 16 CEST. meet in clan ownu or channel ownu.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Just checking again. Can we play AZ before Sunday?
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Guys, could we play AZ tomorrow before 17:00 CEST? Or on Saturday?
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
TSLV: SworD 2:1 BounD
[OwNu] BounD
im waiting in clan ownu so if you re ready just come in
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Awesome! We will be online at that time.
[OwNu] BounD
yeah works.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Tonight after 7:30pm CEST (around 8pm CEST?), on TS?
[OwNu] BounD
i dont mind, you can Chose and im there
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Perfectly fine by me as long as your team agrees. Which of the two maps would you prefer?
[OwNu] BounD
i could Play saturday or during the week after 6pm if you wanna
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
I think weekdays during working hours would be impossible for TS. For AZ it could probably be arranged. Is none of your players available at any time on Saturday or during weekday evenings (after 6pm CEST)?
[OwNu] Yosh
Asking on my end. So far nothing positive since this is a tough ask. I have someone that can play TS on thursday at around 12-15 CEST. Does this work for you?
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Hi guys, can we play AZ and TS on Saturday? Our players likely won't be available afterwards for a few weeks.



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